Mr. Mine Wiki

The current version is v0.44, released on August 15th, 2023. The previous version was v0.43, released on June 19th, 2023.

At some moment (probably around Steam launch, which was on October 2020), the game was completely revamped, and version numbers were reset. If you see any version codes on the wiki that don't match, see below for the old version version codes, which ran up to 0.59.

Update Notes[]

August 15, 2023 - v0.44[]

  • Tickets are more common from scientist excavations and can now appear in trades and caves.
  • Added new shop items:
    • Building Materials
    • Buffs
    • Reduced Orange Fish respawn time
    • Basic Drones turn around automatically on full inventory
    • View hidden excavation rewards
  • Relics and weapons can now be organized.
  • Relics slots are now capped at 20 instead of 15 and additional slots can be purchased with tickets from the relic tab.
  • Reworked the reward scaling formulas for scientist excavations
  • Capped scythes at 80%
  • Big cheese now has a decreased spawn chance if another scientist is currently on a big cheese mission.
  • Capped big cheese at capacity instead of 2x
  • New relics:
    • Onyx Oracle
    • Ruby Resonator
    • Key of the Void
  • Titan changes:
    • +200 km
    • 12 new drill upgrades
    • 1 new boss and 2 new monsters
  • Super Miner changes:
    • Skill super miners can now be shift clicked in the super miner UI to cast their skill.
    • Goldalf minerals required per reward no longer scales down with level. Instead the mineral, money, and super mineral souls rewards scale with level. Building materials will no longer be granted as rewards if you have no structures to level up.
    • Nerfed Thoth from 300% to 150% to account for increasing relic slots
    • Buffed the "Master Mined" super miner. Now has a secondary passive, it now automatically sells any minerals that breaks capacity by 2x.
    • Chest Spawning Super Miners now have a spawn cap of 2200% across all Super Miners. (2 legendary level 10 orange fish) Anything over 2200% is instead converted to a reward multiplier on all chests.
    • Buffed the Mineral Deposit Super Miners by adjusting how mineral deposits spawn. Previously, the spawn rate capped the amount that could spawn to 1 every 30 seconds. Multiple can now spawn per 30 second tick.
  • Add slot button in the Super Miners UI now has a warning that it doesn't grant Super Miners
  • Mineral deposits now scale with depth similar to all other rewards in the game.
  • Blueprint ingredients now have little progress bars for each mineral.
  • Weapons are now drag and droppable in the weapon stats menu in the underground. Allowing for you to reorganize them for battles.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Master Mined” super miner could not be claimed if your slots were full.
  • Minerals are now lockable with number characters for example "1T", "100B", etc.
  • Drones now have the option to be sent back.
  • Added the ability to extend a cave by 30 minutes for 1 ticket
  • Battle UI now only has 3 columns now instead of an empty 4th column.
  • Energy bar on HUD now displays properly when the reactor is unlocked.

June 19, 2023 - v0.43[]

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements (especially to mobile)
  • Lots of changes under the hood
  • Added Hebrew language support
  • QoL changes

June 19, 2023 - v0.42[]

  • Changed how numbers are represented internally to allow for more compatibility across platforms (such as iOS)

December 9, 2022 - v0.41[]

The Christmas event is back and better than ever! From now until December 28th the mines will be Christmas themed!

  • Basic chests are now Christmas presents and they have double the rewards
  • Caves are Christmas themed and have the occasional Candy Cane reward.
  • Some monsters will be Christmas monsters and occasionally drop a Candy Cane.
  • Candy Canes can be used in the Christmas shop UI to purchase chests.

There also 4 new relics and 4 new achievements


  • Fuel Extractor - Increase the speed that cave regenerate fuel
  • Fuel Tank - Increase drones starting fuel
  • Rocket Booster - Increase the drones movement speed
  • Juicer - Increase Super Miner Speed


  • Super Mining - Find your first super miner
  • A Mining Legacy - Find a legendary Super Miner
  • An Ethereal Collection - Open 100 Ethereal Chests
  • Bringing their A Game - Reach max level on a Super Miner

October 25, 2022 - v0.40[]

Super Miners update, version 0.40

Are normal miners not cutting it for you anymore? Do you find yourself wanting something a little more grand? Well have no fear, Super Miners are here! Super Miners wander around your mines and perform many actions for you!

  • Mining (mineral) - Increases miner speed at its depth by a %
  • Mining (isotope) - Increases the number of isotopes mined on its depth by a %
  • Buff - Every X minerals it mines it grants a buff.
  • Drilling - Jumps on your drill and increases the mining speed by a %
  • Seller - Automatically sells x amount of the selected mineral every second.
  • Egg - Passively gains experience and levels up for free, increasing its scrap amount. (gaining you more super miner souls)
  • Chest - Increases chest spawns on its current depth and 2 depths above and below.
  • Deposit - Increases mineral deposit spawn chance by X and cap by Y.
  • Booster - Increases the effect of the super miners it bumps into.
  • Reward - grants a random reward every X minerals.

Super Miners come from Ethereal chests. Ethereal chests can spawn very rarely, be compressed from gold chests, or purchased in the shop. Each super miner can be leveled up with Super Miner souls increasing their abilities. You can gain souls from scraping super miners, from Ethereal chests, from scientist excavations, and possibly other features in the future.

Chest Compressor

The chest compressor has been reworked.

It has been moved from the second world down to the first world at 700km. The conversion rates are much more favorable now, but there is now a time to convert chests. There are 2 new structure upgrades to facilitate these changes. One for time to compress and one for the number of chests required to compress from one to the other.

Other changes

  • Doubled the frame rate.
  • New Cave Tutorial.
  • Reactor moved down to W2-100km
  • Reviving Scientist no longer scales cost based on rarity.
  • Some pop ups will now show above other popups without closing the previous popup.
  • Replaced confirmation popups and text input popups with a newer nicer looking popup.
  • All sorts of weird performance improvements.
  • Added a survey which grants some tickets
  • Probably other stuff I'm forgetting.

Code and file analysis[]

  • Most new content in images, despite over 2000 new files, are .webp versions of previously existing images.
  • Added Super miner images, Black chests, Cave tutorial, and some UI elements like the new design for the confirmation popups. Plus new icons for the new mechanics, and the upgraded 20fps animations.
  • New .js files:
    • dialoguemanager.js: To present dialogue between characters
    • mobileheader.js, headerbar.js, notificationicon.js, spritesheetanimation.js: Presentation
    • surveymanagerfrontend.js: New survey functionality, in-game
    • assetdata.js: Scaffolding/OOP
    • assetloader.js, minerimagecache.js: Image/media loading and handling
    • bootstrap.bundle.min.js, bootstrap.min.css: front-end framework for mobile
    • notificationmanager.js, PushNotificationManager.js: Improving News, and push notification for mobile
    • ChestCompressor.js: New functionality of Chest Compressor.
    • baseminers.js, superminer.js, superminermanager.js, superminerworldrenderer.js: New Super Miners
  • Modified .js files (comparing last 0.27 version to 0.40k), there are 58 .js modified, though trivial changes and minor improvements for speed, data cache, etc. won't get listed here:
    • animate.js: MaxFrameRate 60, some optimizations, and new persistent arrow if you've reached the depth for Super Miners and still haven't opened your first black chest.
    • animatehelpers.js: Some optimizations on rendering images and improved blessed effect
    • app.js: New survey, optimizations on timelapse function, adding the SuperMiners and ChestCompressor timers, and chests do no longer expire
    • battle.js: Fixed amount of HP, now it correctly counts Quests done. Chest Compressor as reward of boss level 700. New trackEvent_GainedMoney (used on statstracking.js and many others)
    • blueprints.js: A couple minor correction to drill blueprints, and new blueprints for Chest Compressor conversion rate, slots and time.
    • buffs.js: New property canGetFromChestsAndTrades, set to false on Cargo Expansion, Endless Gem Speed Potion and the new buff, Relic Effectiveness.
    • caves.js: reference to new tutorial, little optimizations, and spawnRateMultiplier lowered from 1.1 to 1 which should slightly increase # of caves spawned.
    • coderedemption.js: Added option for Ethereal Chests
    • craftingitems.js: Fixed being able to see resource names on Sell Center, small fixes on description of next level costs.
    • display.js: The new confirmation window, mobile adaptations, some other technicals. Nothing about the game mechanic.
    • drillmanagement.js: Cache optimizations, slight update to cargo values, possibility of unlocking early scientists at lv 12 (though this seems disabled at the moment)
    • helperfunctions.js: Added biased random function, support for Filipino lang, several display improvemente, social media functions
    • input.js: Many changes in UI, most related to mobile.
    • mineralmanagement.js: Add Super Miner Souls, add Super Miner buffs to minerals and isotopes (additive), update everything to account for that, several caches, no changes to basic mechanics.
    • offlineprogress.js: Cosmetic changes, plus an (apparently disabled) mechanic allowing to spawn caves during (short) offline progress
    • playerstats.js: Add amount of bonus and max. bonus for stats/buffs on tooltips (used on relics too), three new stats (increase % of mineral deposit, increase # of mineral deposits, relic multiplier), associated to Super Miners. Super Miner stats add to relics and buffs.
    • quests.js: Fixed the "highest level scientist ever" bug, small quest changes, now the text for game recomendation has several options
    • scientists.js: Add Super Miner Souls as a possible reward, add stat info to tooltip, removed scientistRarityRessurectionMultiplier, added code for a possible Ethereal Chest reward, which is not codified as a possible reward.
    • shortcuts.js: Minor adjustments for Reactor depth and other optimizations
    • simulation.js: Highly expanded, but won't cover here since it's not, per se, part of the game
    • chest.js: Simplified code, added ethereal chests, removed expiration timers
    • chestrewards.js: Added Ethereal Chests
    • chestservice.js: Simplified code, many functions changed, still analyzing.



Current version is v0.40K. Modified from v0.40H:

  • Added code to savemanager.js for Super Miners depth and targeted depth, plus buffs from the buff SuperMiner
  • Added a SuperMiner filter to superMinerManager.js, and used it on rewards.js to exclude further Egg Super Miners if you already have 4
  • Some adjustments on superminer.js about target depth

April 8th, 2022 - v0.27[]

We're still working hard to get mobile out, but we've got a small update for you all!

  • Reduced the death rates for higher rarity scientists.
  • Scientist Experience gain and scaling rewards now also scale with scientist rarity.
  • You can now exit battles
  • Added Discord integration
  • Added Finnish translations

February 26, 2022[]

(Version 0.26, it seems)

Today we’re launching an update that adds many visual and audio improvements to the game, along with some scientist changes.

Scientist changes:

  • Books of Success are now multiplicative instead of subtractive and have a maximum effect at 75%.
  • Endless Scientist Duration Potions have been replaced with Endless Scientist Experience Potions.
  • Scientists now level up approximately twice as fast.
  • Scaling scientist rewards have been buffed.
  • Scientists now have a maximum level of 100.

Visual improvements:

  • Opening a chest now has a small animation.
  • Characters in the game now blink.
  • Different level miners on earth now have unique animations for finding chests.
  • Drill icons no longer show their level.

Added sound effects for:

  • Caves collapsing
  • Caves appearing
  • Opening chests
  • Upgrading weapons
  • Crafting a drill
  • Crafting a structure
  • Drones returning
  • Hiring miners
  • Trading
  • Defeating a boss
  • Completing a quest
  • Sacrificing to the core
  • Taking off to a new world
  • Clicking mineral piles

Other changes:

  • Added Vietnamese and Hungarian languages.

January 9, 2022[]

Some of you might have noticed there was a small update that went out yesterday! We were a little late on taking down the Christmas decorations. However we also updated some translations and add a way to save reactor layouts!

January 21, 2022 - v0.25[]

Today we're releasing v0.25 which includes significant changes to scientists, trading posts, and early caves.

  • Rebalanced caves to be easier in the early game.
  • Improved the Healing, Aerial, and Magnetic Drone.
  • Trades now get better with levels, but their duration increases.
  • Timelapse, Mineral Piles, And Money bags from scientists now scale with scientists level and depth.
  • Relics are now a little more common from scientists
  • Gems have had their workloads and ingredients rebalanced.
  • Added 2 new functionalities to the Metal detector. Level 5 now grants the ability to click anywhere on a level to open a chest. Level 6 adds a button to the chest collector to collect all chests in the world.
  • Updated translations and added Thai.

For a detailed list of all changes view

(expanded from there)

Cave changes

  • The drones have been rebalanced to be stronger with early levels, but each level up is now a smaller upgrade.
  • Early cave duration has been extended.
  • The max building materials you can get from a single cave reward has been reduced to 10.
  • Aerial drones now provide a vision of 3 nodes, up from 2.
  • The Aerial and Magnetic drones have had their fuel storage reduced to make it easier to send them out, but they’ve also had their fuel consumption reduced some to keep their max distance similar to what it was before.
  • Healing drones fuel consumption was reduced.
  • Healing drones now heal 8 a tick, up from 5.

Trade changes

  • Level 1 trading post on earth now has a much shorter base cooldown.
  • Leveling up the trading post no longer reduces duration.
  • Each level of the trading posts increases the duration a trade is available, but also improves the quality of the trade.
  • The trade reward is no longer tied to the value of the payment, resulting in much better trades.

Scientist changes

  • Timelapse, Mineral piles, and Money bags from scientists now scale with scientist level and depth. For these excavations their duration is now based on the value of the reward. This will result in early game and early level scientists having much shorter excavations, but lower rewards and higher level scientists having longer duration but higher value rewards. The higher level your scientist gets the better conversion rate for duration to reward.
  • Relics have also had their rarities adjusted and should be more common in general besides some of the very rare ones which are unchanged.
  • Key of gold has been buffed to grant 5% base, 6.5% at +, 8% at ++. With a cap of 80% increased chance.

Early game changes

  • Added a tutorial for crafting the Trading post.
  • Added a tutorial for crafting the manager.
  • Smoothed out progression between the golem and the underground city.
  • The game now starts with mineral deposits visible on the scroll bar (see metal detector changes for more information)

Gem forge changes

  • Blue gems now cost 2 workload, up from 1.
  • Green gems now cost 3 workload, up from 2.
  • Purple gems now cost 4 workload, up from 3.
  • Purple gems production time has been reduced from 24 hours to 16 hours.
  • Yellow gems production time has been reduced from 72 hours to 48 hours.
  • Purple gems now cost 25 reds and 25 blues. (20 reds and 35 blues previously)
  • Yellow gems now cost 25 reds and 25 greens. (20 reds and 30 greens previously)
  • Some weapon level costs have been re-adjusted to account for gem changes.

Metal detector changes

  • The metal detector description now properly updates in the crafting menu to display what the next level does.
  • Since the game starts with mineral deposits visible from the start, level 4 now only provides the ability to jump to chests using the spacebar. (this functionality is now described in the description).
  • Level 5 of the metal detector now provides the ability to click anywhere on a level to open a chest.
  • Level 6 has been added to the Metal detector and provides the ability to collect all natural chest spawns in the world and place them in the chest collector up to your storage capacity.

Other changes

  • Undiscovered isotopes from bombardments now show a tooltip on where to get them and if clicked on open up the reactor crafting menu with that bombardment selected.
  • Fixed a bug where changing reactor layouts would not properly delete fuel rods or reward items for consumed fuel rods.
  • Fixed an issue where building materials and oil said they came from depths of 100k.
  • reaching the max depth no longer breaks the game.
  • Updated translations and added Thai

December 17, 2021 - Titanic Update[]

Today we're releasing the new world, Titan! However, we know that many of you are not there yet so we've added plenty of other new features to the game as well! Here's a full list of all the changes.

  • New world Titan added to the game (only first 200km so far and no trading post yet).
  • Added many new quests.
  • Added new Quest UI
  • Added a chest compressor structure that allows you to turn normal chests into golden chests.
  • Chest spawn rate no longer increases after 1000km, but chest rewards have a multiplier added to them with each new depth.
  • The Chest collector total storage has been reduced to reflect the changes to chests spawn rate. No one actually enjoys opening 400 chests.
  • Changed battles rewards to scale based on income instead of being a fixed amount per monster.
  • Added a healing drone that needs to be discovered in caves.
  • When you start a battle your weapons are now off cooldown.
  • Weapons cooldowns have been roughly doubled, but their damage has also been doubled.
  • Added the ability to shift-click reactor components into the reactor grid.
  • RTG Fuel rods now cost 2,500 Po3.
  • Added new buffs to the buff lab.
  • Adjusted some buff prices and buff durations in the buff lab.
  • Added a few more stats to the stats panel.
  • Unfound minerals now tell you roughly at what depth you can expect to find them.
  • Implemented a new system to support even larger numbers up to 10^16777216.
  • Fixed some of the text and images popping around on screen by a pixel.
  • Add a full-screen button.
  • Added a simple cave tutorial.
  • Debug log and event log sizes increased.
  • Added a save and quit button.

October 22, 2021 - v0.23[]

Patch notes:

  • The mines have been decorated for Halloween!
  • Added Warped Scientists
  • Hard excavations can show up on the left side after scientist level 30
  • Added new background music
  • Added new click sound effects
  • Improved the UI for The Core
  • Added particle effects to some miners
  • Added shift + click shortcut to the reactor grid
  • Added new language selection option
  • Updated German translations
  • Late game balance changes

August 28, 2021 - v0.22[]

We've got another update for you all! This update primarily revolves around some balance issues that were introduced with the introduction of caves and tries to address some of the feedback we've been hearing lately.

  • Added tutorial arrows for caves.
  • Added grayed out lock buttons when manager is not yet unlocked.
  • Added 5 new scientists to the game!
  • Fixed drones not using health packs.
  • Fixed an issue where the fuel from health packs was based on your drones health and not fuel.
  • Reduced the cost of drone level 2 to make it a more realistic purchase.
  • Caves now collapse if all rewards have been collected.
  • Reduced the chance of getting multiple timelapse excavations if one of your scientists already has one.
  • Increased early chest spawning and slightly adjusted the rate chest spawns increase as you get further into the game.
  • Replaced Copper, Silver, and Gold excavations from scientists with mineral piles which now grant higher value minerals based on where you are at in the game.

August 20, 2021 - v0.21[]

The cave update is finally here! Caves will randomly spawn throughout the world after 45kms and can be explored by drones. All throughout the caves you will encounter rewards that your drones can pick up and bring back to you, but only if they have the fuel and health to make it past the obstacles.

  • Added caves that spawn throughout the game and have random rewards that can be collected by drones.
  • Added cave building at 45km to upgrade drones and collect treasures from caves.
  • Adjusted scientists rewards so higher tier rewards are more likely to drop when your scientist is higher level.
  • Fixed an issue where the Miner Speed Potion showed up more often as a reward than it was intended to.
  • Improved random number generator (seeded).
  • Shift clicking the button to craft gems now crafts up to 5 at a time if you are able to craft that many.
  • Made it so the active trading post trader displays on the trading post in the world
  • Made it so the characters at the top of the mine are animated.
  • Caves and orange fish now have a unique color on the scroll bar.
  • Level 30, 31, and 32 drills and fans have had their wattages swapped to help improve the gap between getting those upgrades.
  • Ytterbium has been brought down to W2-600km.
  • Rounded values on the reactor so that numbers like 0.0001 heat would not make you overheat.
  • Added an option to go back to the main menu.
  • Added more premium purchase names.

June 18, 2021 - v0.20[]

Today we're releasing a new update to Mr. Mine that adds new features and smooths out the progress all through out the game by making slight changes to blueprints and quests. Hope you all enjoy! Here's a full list of the changes.

  • Added Building Materials, Oil, and Energy to the header.
  • Added the Orange Fish clickable to the game that will show up very rarely and give different rewards. (Can be seen on scroll bar with level 5 metal detector)
  • Made it so that clicking on a mineral or isotope in a blueprint will present a message to lock to that amount if you have the manager.
  • Fixed a bug preventing gold chests from being presented from the chest collector.
  • Added more levels to several weapons.
  • Added level 30-32 Laser Drills.
  • Added a new Isotope for the moon to be unlocked through bombardments (Fermium).
  • Added new Bombardments to be unlocked with the level 5 reactor.
  • Miner levels on the moon have had their prices reduced. (just levels not hires)
  • Promethium, Neodymium, and Ytterbium have had their sell prices increased.
  • Added more monsters and bosses to the moon.
  • Nugget of Attraction buff from the buff lab was increased to 100% to account for miner speed potion changes.
  • Added an Elemental Pike buff to the buff lab.
  • Mining speed and drill speed buffs had their duration's from the buff lab cut in half.
  • Miner speed potion now only affects minerals (not isotopes) and no longer affects basic chest income. (% was buffed slightly to bring back in line with golden shovel)
  • Elemental Pike was buffed.
  • The range of depths for chests to grant minerals is now limited, this should result in a slight decrease of cargo filling up from chests, but it will still happen frequently.

June 4, 2021 - v0.19[]

Hope you're all doing well! Today we're launching an update and the biggest change is the Chest collector which needs to be collected by clicking on it at W1-100km after that it will show up in your structures tab with 2 upgrades for storage and chance that you can level up. It works during offline progress and fills up while AFK.

  • Building materials have been added to excavations.
  • New Level 27 Cargo blueprint added to the moon, but needs to be discovered. (It's 500M cargo)
  • Adjusted blueprint drops from gold chests to give you blueprints closer to your current equips with a decreasing chance to get higher blueprints.
  • Enriched Uranium Fuel rods have been decreased from 6 hours to 4 hours.
  • Highly Enriched Uranium Fuel rods have been buffed to 1 hour up from 30 minutes. They've also had their Uranium 2 and 3 drop rates increased significantly.
  • Mixed oxide and Pu/Po fuel rods have had their heat production significantly decreased.
  • Fixed name submission for premium purchasers. It should now prompt you to resubmit your name (on startup) if you didn't get prompted already.
  • Fixed a bug that was granting the 24 hour buff quest before unlocking the buff lab.
  • Fixed a bug where Sparkly Distraction and Pay Cut were ignoring caps.
  • Fixed a bug where trades could show up with negative values.
  • Fixed high level oil rig crashing the game.
  • Fixed cloud backups.

May 15, 2021[]

Today we're releasing a small patch that introduces "Building Materials" which drop from chest and can be used to craft the Metal Detector and Manager as well as being used to level up any existing building in the game. The Metal Detector and Manager will no longer be available from chests, but the building materials will be much more common. Upon loading into this update you will receive Building Materials equal to your max depth divided by 10. The Drill Center has been renamed to "Craft Center" and all structure upgrades can be crafted through there.

Along with the Building Materials change, these are the other changes.

  • Achievements added to the moon.
  • The trading post can now be leveled up.
  • Scientists can now be resurrected with tickets.
  • Book of Frugality has been replaced with Book of Ingenuity which increases your chance of finding building materials.
  • Text should now scale better with different languages but this is an ongoing effort.
  • Added European Portuguese, Indonesian, Arabic and Turkish translations.
  • Updated French (thanks @Rag), Hindi, and Russian translations.
  • Fixed an issue where Korean translations weren't loading.

April 24, 2021 - v0.17[]

Hey @everyone ! Today we're releasing a new major update that extends the moon and adds a new city like area to the moon with its own unique mechanics that will help you get deeper in the mines!

  • Implemented the reactor at 300km on the moon. Convert isotopes to higher tier isotopes and make power along the way.
  • Implemented the buff lab at 300km on the moon. Spend power you make from the reactor on buffs.
  • Buffs are now affected by timelapse but the buffs granted from chests last much longer. (Some buffs now save.)
  • Adjusted level 24-26 blueprint cost to account for snapshotting and trading post nerfs in previous update.
  • Moon Miner prices have been adjusted.
  • Made yellow gems slightly cheaper.
  • Added more levels to the gem forge and oil rig.
  • Added tooltip to oil rig to show time until complete.
  • Gem crafting can now be cancelled and the cost refunded.
  • Some tooltips now update while being hovered on.
  • Added new blueprints to be discovered from chests passed 1350km.
  • Scientists now gain levels faster early on (existing scientist levels will ajust with the new formula)
  • Adjusted scientists levels (see above)
  • Nerfed Golden Keys % and Buffed Golden Shovels.
  • Stats tab now shows more stats.
  • Hovering over your money now shows the total amount.
  • Quest UI has been updated
  • Added new hotkeys:
    • -S: Sell center (press twice to open the other one)
    • -Shift+S: Scientists
    • -H: Hire center
    • -D: Drill center
    • -G: Gem forge
    • -C: Core
    • -T: For trade (press twice to open the other one)
    • -Space: Jump to chest (if metal detector > 4)
    • -Shift+Click: Open chests without popup
    • -R: Reactor
    • -B: Buff Lab
  • Improved rendering performance of divine relics
  • World level tinting has been adjusted
  • Early game (<20km) balance & tutorial slightly tweaked
  • Various small bug fixes

April 3, 2021[]

Today we’re releasing a new update that introduces some changes to crafting and includes a number of quality of life improvements.

  • Removed the need to purchase blueprints before crafting, crafting ingredients now include money. (Blueprints purchased before this update but not crafted will have their cost refunded).
  • Drill crafting UI only Displays drills higher level than you currently have equipped.
  • Started adding a new UI layout to the moon.
  • Removed chest snapshotting. (Income from chests should be less volatile)
  • Buffed Big Cheese.
  • Buffed Cargo and Pike relics.
  • Mineral trades in the trading post should now be world specific.
  • Fixed a bug where Silicon was not offered as a trade on the moon.
  • Trading post offers can now be extended by 1 hour for 1 ticket.
  • Mineral deposits should now be more rewarding to collect.
  • Updated several monster assets.
  • Weapons that are fully charged now flash a certain color to indicate they are fully charged.
  • Fixed some small UI issues.
  • Updated French translation

March 20, 2021 - v0.15[]

Hey @everyone ! We're getting closer to having some new buildings on the moon, but we wanted to give you something to play with in the meantime.

  • Added new secret relics
  • Buffed Shield, Scythe, and Sparkly Distraction relics
  • Fixed an issue with Endless Drill Speed Potion scaling, but reduced its base effectiveness
  • Added fast scroll mode (hold 'ctrl')
  • Fixed some issues with inputs breaking game
  • UI touch ups
  • Adjusted health scaling to be higher further in the game
  • New blueprints added to moon
  • Early game tweaks

March 6, 2021[]

@everyone Today we're releasing a small update that adds some new quality of life changes and balance adjustments.

  • Increased the maximum level on several weapons.
  • Added 5 new quests/achievements to the underground city. (moon achievements coming soon)
  • Reworked the early game to be more engaging.
  • Made the manager and metal detector slightly easier to obtain.
  • Fixed an issue where the final miner levels were not working as intended. (should notice a slight increase in mineral gain with high level miners)
  • Added dialogues to the Sell, Hire, and Drill Center.
  • New assets for the Gem Forge and Oil Rig as you level them up.
  • Relics can now be sacrificed at the core.
  • Added relic rarity to tooltips.
  • Death chance display for excavations is now properly displayed.
  • Trading post now displays mineral values.
  • Added another batch of premium purchasers names to the game.
  • Updated Czech translations

February 20, 2021[]

Hey @everyone! I hope you're all enjoying last week's update. Today we've got a smaller one for you and a ticket code.

  • Made some slight balance adjustments to the early game.
  • Updated the trading post UI.
  • Added the first batch of premium purchasers names to the game.
  • Updated Swedish and German translations.

February 13, 2021 - v0.13[]

Hey @everyone ! We’ve got a new update for you today which expands the furthest depth in the game and adds some new and interesting mechanics to the underground city.

  • Added Gem forge and new weapon crafting to the underground city. (if you had weapons currently upgrading they will be auto upgraded)
  • Added The Core at 501km to sacrifice items for rewards.
  • Added Trading post to the moon.
  • Expanded the max depth.
  • Added 2 more drills and engines.
  • Added quotes that show up over the miners heads occasionally.
  • $50+ ticket purchases now allows you to add your name to one of the miners! The names will be applied in each next update after purchasing. All other players will be able to see this name in game on a miner. Names will show on miners between 100km and 300km the first to purchase will have their names shown closer to 100km.
  • New Assets for the underground city.
  • New Assets for the top of the world.
  • 5 new environment assets for different depths.
  • Big Cheese now works on Moon minerals and starts doubling from your best minerals to your worst, but is capped at 2x your max capacity.
  • Trading post buttons on the right side now show the time remaining.
  • Scientists button added to the right side which now displays the progress of your scientists.
  • Fixes to French language (thank you Myriax)
  • Fixes to Czech language (thank you David)

January 30, 2021[]

Hey @everyone ! Hope you're all having a great week, we're still working on the next update but it should be ready next week! One of the things we're planning on adding in the new update is some quotes that will popup from time to time over the miner's heads. If you want to potentially have your quote added to the game you can submit your suggestions to @MineBot by DM'ing him and saying "Quote: " followed by your quote. I've attached a few examples.

January 23, 2021[]

Hey @everyone ! We have a small update for you which we hope you will enjoy.

  • Steam Cloud Backups (Bottom left of title screen)
  • High level metal detectors now have some more functionality
  • Hotkeys added for battles (default is 0-9 and Shift + 0-9 if you have more than 10)
  • Header minerals have tooltips
  • Miners now have names
  • Some more relics were added
  • UI Adjustments and Fixes
  • New languages (Korean, Czech, Italian, Dutch)(Fixed Japanese)
  • Bug fixes (special thanks to @przerwap | 1283km | W2-251km for bug reports)

January 7, 2021, v0.11[]

Hey @everyone! Hope you had a happy holiday season! We've just returned and we've got a small update for you all.

  • Lots of stability fixes
  • Fixes to trading, battles, event log, debug log, some relics
  • Added Polish, Danish, and Swedish languages. (More languages to come)
  • Updated all other existing languages
  • Tweaks to crafting UI

December 20, 2020, Lunar World Update[]

We have lift off! The Lunar world is now here and with it comes a load of new features!

  • New World
  • Offline progress (unlocked and upgraded through managers)
  • 11 New Ores
  • 12 New Drill Upgrades
  • 2 New Achievements
  • Updated Drill Center UI
  • Updated Battle UI
  • Updated General Popup Assets
  • Updated Title Screen
  • Updated Ore Assets
  • Manager is now shown on your top world
  • New Metal Detector Assets
  • Various Balance Adjustments
  • Christmas Decorations

Hope you all enjoy the update and have a good holiday season! This update will lay down the framework for the next several updates to come which will focus on new Lunar world content and an expanded crafting system.

December 10, 2020[]

Hey @everyone ! I know it's been a while, but we're still working towards getting the next update ready. Some of you figured out the puzzle from last week so just in case any of you missed it, here's what the decoded message was:

  • A modding system
  • Expanded crafting system
  • New world
  • More drills
  • Miner upgrades
  • Updated artwork
  • Offline progress

Unfortunately, it's looking like we probably wont be able to get the modding system in the next update, but it's definitely coming soon! (Editor comment: This modding system is still on the game code, but apparently was never fully implemented)

November 11, 2020[]

Hope you're all enjoying the game! Today we're releasing some new features to help out the early game.

  • Added a Trading Post at 20km which has random traders that stop by and offer you goods.
  • Added a New Shop at 225km which sells over half of the upgrades currently only available in chests.
  • Added a new click animation to mineral deposits.
  • Added new boss assets.
  • Adjusted the early game.
  • Prices changed on some early upgrades.
  • Early achievement rewards rebalanced.
  • Mineral deposits now show up more often early game.
  • Fixed an awful bug introduced last patch that required new players to restart the game.

October 31, 2020, version 0.07[]

We’ve been working on cleaning up and rewriting a decent chunk of the game to hopefully speed up future development, but we saw that some of you have already reached the cap so hopefully this update helps!

  • Increased the highest level to 999km (up from 804km).
  • Added 9 new drill upgrades.
  • Added mineral deposits that randomly spawn and can be clicked on to earn a specific type of mineral.
  • Added 3 new bosses to the game.
  • Updated artwork for the scientists.
  • Added buffs that you can get from the chest.
  • Added a couple of new relics.
  • Various bug fixes.

October 16, 2020[]

Mr. Mine v0.06 is now live which includes:

  • Halloween artwork throughout the mine.
  • Ores are now hidden until you discover them.
  • Buttons to jump to the Golem and Underground city.
  • A progress bar above the drill.
  • A new Settings menu.
  • New copper and black opal icons.
  • An option to refresh scientist excavations for one ticket.
  • A button to forfeit scientist reward.
  • A tooltip for the metal detector and trash can.

October 10, 2020[]

  • Added 3 bosses to levels 400, 500, and 600.
  • Added 12 new drill upgrades.
  • Moved scientists unlock to zone 60 instead of zone 75.
  • Reduced excavation time for scientists significantly.
  • Added an arrow to help people find the golem after a period of time.
  • The whole level now glows if a chest is found or a miner is attacked.
  • Chests will display on the scroll bar now with Metal Detector lvl 2+.
  • Added a way to sell minerals other than a specified amount to keep with Manager lvl 1+.
  • Sell all is now unlocked by default.
  • Added a code redemption system for giving out rewards!
  • Added a tooltip to see when capacity will be full.
  • Added 2 new achievements.
  • Added few new scientist excavation rewards.
  • Updated German translations.
  • Lots of bug fixes and balance adjustments.

Classic version numbers[]

These are the version numbers for an old version of the game, probably what is now called "Mr. Mine Classic". The last version of Mr. Mine Classic is v.0.59, with last update on June 3th 2015

Version Release date Notes
  • Game extended to 503 km
  • Inventory deletion added
  • server save (when exiting game) and game recovery added
  • end preview for next update which will be BIG
  • stats font changed
  • removed some more unnecessary code
  • Levels and prices changed again. Both for Recipes and EXP.
  • Some changes to resource usage.
  • Running game in the background uses less RAM
  • Adblock Plus Fixed and partly supported
  • Fixed the Debug Information sending in HELP
  • New Title Screen
  • Import/Export Added
  • Removed Some Unnecessary Code
  • Levels and prices changed for a lot of things for more fluid gameplay
  • 6 new minerals
  • Added worker upgrades
  • New place to purchase upgrades down in the mine
  • Golden Chests added
  • Added 10 new quests
  • Added 8 new equips
  • AFK time maxed for magical time away loop (Leaving the computer turned off all night will only give you a little progress). This prevents freezing the browser (making you kill page)
  • More corrupt game name checks
  • Pre load compatibility checker
  • Added background probability incentives to being an active player
  • Added check marks to the quests
  • Pre login shows version changed information
  • Added left side scroll reference
  • Added Report a bug to help screen
  • Added animations to the top level
  • Added new info to the Help page
  • Ticket system added. Can buy or get from golden chests
  • Garage with purchase options added
  • Metal Detector Added (Golden Chest only)
  • Sell All Added (Golden Chest only)
  • Equip image added to the icons
  • Icons changed to denote level
  • Added preloading screen
  • Changed Einsteinium to Polonium as it can actually be mined
  • Sound off by default
  • Fixed Cookie max size error. Max 3 save games now, sorry!! :( If you lost a save delete one and refresh
  • Space in corrupt name cookie fix
  • Help button invisible click fixed
  • New game button alignment fixed
  • Fixed hold down key or scroll hyper animation
  • Prevent Clicking on new game until game is loaded
  • Fixed an error which happened when trying to scroll & animate in old browsers
  • Fixed error which caused chests to function strangely if you held it open a long time
  • An errro affecting a few people with the referral link has been fixed
  • Fixes and fixes for fixes :P
  • Removed buttons not in use
0.16 30-11-2013
New menu

V0.16 menu screen

~Save Game Fixes
  • Loading Fixes
  • Recipe Fixes
  • Chest Fixes
  • Tab Fixes
  • Facebook button fixes
  • Quest fixes
  • Probability fixes
  • Small Referall Fix
  • Fixed the bug with over 10 miners
  • Increased rendering efficiency
  • Added Checking for computer specs on startup
  • Added some small graphics
0.15 29-11-2013
  • Added Help Pages
  • Fixed Referall Quest
  • Added 4 more quests
  • Added deletion and save corruption checking to the Title Screen
  • Removed Decay on Rare Elements
  • Added 16 new equips (Only available from treasure chests)
  • Changed the exp table and game speed progression
  • Changed prices on some equips
  • Some smaller bug fixes
  • Some efficiency updates
  • Some graphic compression and updates


Game became available to the public through Mr. Mine webpage

Pre-Release 24-11-2013 Pre-Release to all Donors of Dr. Meth