Mr. Mine Wiki

Version Release date Notes

+ Game extended to 503 km

+ Inventory deletion added

+ server save (when exiting game) and game recovery added

+ end preview for next update which will be BIG

^stats font changed

- removed some more unnecessary code

0.30 ^Levels and prices changed again. Both for Recipes and EXP.

^Some changes to resource usage. Running game in the background uses less RAM
~Adblock Plus Fixed and partly supported
~Fixed the Debug Information sending in HELP
+New Title Screen
+Import/Export Added
-Removed Some Unnecessary Code


^Levels and prices changed for a lot of things for more fluid gameplay
+6 new minerals
+Added worker upgrades
+New place to purchase upgrades down in the mine
+Golden Chests added
+Added 10 new quests
+Added 8 new equips
+AFK time maxed for magical time away loop (Leaving the computer turned off all night will only give you a little progress)
This prevents freezing the browser (making you kill page)
+More corrupt game name checks
+Pre load compatibility checker
+Added background probability incentives to being an active player
+Added check marks to the quests
+Pre login shows version changed information
+Added left side scroll reference
+Added Report a bug to help screen
+Added animations to the top level
+Added new info to the Help page
+Ticket system added
Can buy or get from golden chests
+Garage with purchase options added
+Metal Detector Added (Golden Chest only)
+Sell All Added (Golden Chest only)
+Equip image added to the icons
+Icons changed to denote level
+Added preloading screen
^Changed Einsteinium to Polonium as it can actually be mined
^Sound off by default
~Fixed Cookie max size error. Max 3 save games now, sorry!! :(
If you lost a save delete one and refresh
~Space in corrupt name cookie fix
~Help button invisible click fixed
~New game button alignment fixed
~Fixed hold down key or scroll hyper animation
~Prevent Clicking on new game until game is loaded
~Fixed an error which happened when trying to scroll & animate in old browsers
~Fixed error which caused chests to function strangely if you held it open a long time
~An errro affecting a few people with the referral link has been fixed
~Fixes and fixes for fixes :P
-Removed buttons not in use

0.16 30-11-2013*

V0.16 menu screen

~Save Game Fixes
~Loading Fixes
~Recipe Fixes
~Chest Fixes
~Tab Fixes
~Facebook button fixes
~Quest fixes
~Probability fixes
~Small Referall Fix
~Fixed the bug with over 10 miners
~Increased rendering efficiency
+Added Checking for computer specs on startup
+Added some small graphics
0.15 29-11-2013* +Added Help Pages
~Fixed Referall Quest
+Added 4 more quests
+Added deletion and save corruption checking to the Title Screen
-Removed Decay on Rare Elements
+Added 16 new equips
    (Only available from treasure chests)
~Changed the exp table and game speed progression
~Changed prices on some equips
~Some smaller bug fixes
~Some efficiency updates
~Some graphic compression and updates


Game became available to the public through Mr. Mine webpage

Pre-Release 24-11-2013* Pre-Release to all Donors of Dr. Meth