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Chests can be earned by completing quests, found while mining, can be bought with tickets, earned from scientist excavations and be traded in a trading post.

Chests are found by miners. The deeper you go the more miners you have & the more chances of a chest being found. Chests even spawn while at full capacity. Gold chests are the rarest and have a 1/158 drop chance. They contain the best rewards but it could take a long time to get what you want from them. Chests have timers so it's best to check every 5-10 minutes for them before they expire as you wouldn't want to miss a gold one.

Normal chests

The Key of Luck relic increases the spawn frequency of chests by 5%.


Reward probabilities (work in progress)
Reward Chance notes
Money 40%


40% a 3 to 6 min

timelapse if

under 3

hours of playtime

Minerals 10%
Buff ?%
Building Material ?%
Equipment 2.20%
Scientist 3/80 if all slots are empty

2/80 if 1 slot are is full 1/80 if 2 slot are is full 0/80 if 3 slot are is full

if you reach

Km 50 you

get a free

Scientist in a chest

hour of Oil 7%

Rewards amount regarding money and minerals depend on the maximum depth you have reached. The amount of money can be increased by 10% with the Nugget of Attraction relic. The higher your oil pump level is the more oil you get from chests.

Timelapse: duration can be increased by 10% with the Book of Time relic

  • Min 3 minutes
  • Max 10 minutes

Recipes and equipment:

Golden Treasure Chests

Golden chests are golden colored and give better rewards. They have a 1/158 chance of spawning. Golden Chests are also a reward from quests 1, 5, 6 and 7 at the Underground City. The Key of Gold relic increases the spawn rate of golden chests by 5%.


Money: amount can be increased by 10% with the Nugget of Attraction relic

  • Min $1
  • Max $Infinty
chance reward
38.97% money

(130, 520)

32.82% roll for Bp

(if fail money(130, 520))

15.38% mineral chest

levels[depth][0][0], rand(4, 8)

3.59% under KM 899 more than KM 40

grant free Km; under 899 Km and a free scientist slot give rare scientist ; if oil rig not full give 4 hours worth of oil production; if all fails 4 hour timelapse

3.08% give 20 Bm
3.08% if you have metal ditector level 4 or 5 under Km 200 grant 20 Bm;

if over 200 Km or level 0, 1, 2, 3 metal ditector give 50 Bm

0.51% 50 Bm
2.56% (do not have heal HP give heal HP;under 10 tickets give 20;)

if the above fails give a 6 hour timelapse give time travel(weapon); already have timetravel give 6 hour timelapse

Money reward equation for Golden Chest is depth*depth*depth*(depth*.2)*10*(1+(Math.random()*7))

For example if you are at a depth of 100km the minimum amount of money would be $200,000,000 and maximum amount would be $1,600,000,000.

Timelapse: duration can be increased by 10% with the Book of Time relic

  • 6 hours

Minerals: amount and type depends on your maximum depth



Depth or oil:

  • +3 depth when you haven't reached depth of 40km
  • +1 depth when you haven't reached depth of 603km
  • oil after when you have reached depth of 603km, amount depends on your oil pump level


  • 20 tickets

Spawn timing

There is no way to predict exactly when the next chest spawn. However, you can make a best guess approximation and measure average time. Spawn rate depends strongly on maximum depth you have achieved. It is also affected by activity in game, if you click or scroll few times in every 30 second you have slightly higher change to spawn a chest.

In this table there are calculated average times between chest spawns. For example it will take about 11 hours to spawn next golden chest at depth of 100km. But time may vary from 2000 minutes to 40 hours. That's why golden chests are so rare. Also there are possibility that regular Treasure chest will spawn on Golden chest and Golden one will disappear. And the more time the golden chest is out the other chests will have a harder time to spawn.