Treasure Chests can be earned for completing quests, found while mining at or below 40KM, can be bought with tickets and earned from scientist excavations.

Normal chests[edit | edit source]

Loot[edit | edit source]

Rewards amount regarding money and minerals depend on the depth of the floor on which you found the chest. Chests have their maximum value at 570km, although this might have changed since the Steam launch.

Reward probabilities
Reward Chance
Money 50%
Nothing 25%
Minerals 13%

(If you already have the recipe will say you found nothing)


(If you already have equipment, it will say you found nothing)

Oil 1%

Recipes and equipment:

Golden Treasure Chests[edit | edit source]

Golden chests are golden colored and give better rewards. They are very rare. Golden Chests are also a reward from quest 1 and 5 at the Underground City. The Key of Gold relic increases the spawn rate of golden chests by 5%.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Reward probabilities
Reward Chance
Money 38,1%

(If you already have recipe or equipment, you will get money reward instead)

Minerals 20,1%

Depth or oil

Metal Detector 2,6%
Manager (ability to sell all) 2,1%
Item "Heal" or if you already have it then 20 tickets 1,6%
Item "Time Travel" or if you already have it then 33 tickets 1%


  • Min $0
  • Max $10 trillion (not confirmed, could be limited with variable size)

Money reward equation for Golden Chest is depth*depth*depth*(depth*.2)*10*(1+(Math.random()*7))

For example if you are at a depth of 100km the minimum amount of money would be 200 000 000 and maximum amount would be 1 600 000 000.

Minerals: amount depends on depth as with normal chests



  • Metal Detector (tells you when you find a golden chest)(level 1 to lvl 30 (afaik))
  • Manager (ability to sell all)(level 1 to level 40 (afaik))

Depth or oil:

  • +3 depth when you haven't reached depth of 40km
  • +1 depth when you haven't reached depth of 603km
  • 10 oil after when you have reached depth of 603km


  • 20 tickets
  • 33 tickets

Spawn timing[edit | edit source]

There is no way to predict exactly when the next chest spawn. However, you can make a best guess approximation and measure average time. Spawn rate depends strongly on maximum depth you have achieved. It is also affected by activity in game, if you click or scroll few times in every 30 second you have slightly higher change to spawn a chest.

In this table there are calculated average times between chest spawns. For example it will take about 11 hours to spawn next golden chest at depth of 100km. But time may vary from 2000 minutes to 40 hours. That's why golden chests are so rare. Also there are possibility that regular Treasure chest will spawn on Golden chest and Golden one will disappear. And the more time the golden chest is out the other chests will have a harder time to spawn.

Depth Treasure chest Golden chest
50km 28min 60h
100km 5min 11h
150km 3min 7h
200km 2min 4h
300km 1min 3h
500km 1min 2h
750km <1min 1h

Average time is calculated based on 30-day single run non-active gamplay

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