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The trading post is a building found at 15 km of depth on Earth and 1047km on the Moon. This time can be accelerated with chests and scientists' excavations, or skipped with a ticket. You can also upgrade Trading Post in Craft Center to decrease the time between every new trade.

The traders come with deals that are often, but not always rentable, evolving with the in-game progression.

level Earth Trading Post Trade Improvement(%) Moon Trading Post Trade Improvement(%)
0 800 copper

100 silver

2 gold

- 50 Building Materials

10k Iron

1 5 Building Materials

50k Black Opal

0 75 Building Materials

100k Aluminum

2 20 Building Materials

1M Coal

50k Blue Obsidian

50 100 Building Materials

50k Titanium

3 80 Building Materials

1M Californium

200 Oil

100 150 Building Materials

100k Silicon

200 Einsteinium1

4 200 Building Material

8k Oil

5k Polonium3

150 400 Building Materials

20 Einsteinium3

5 Max Level 200 Max Level 200