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The Core

The menu of the core on the mineral sacrifice

The Core is located at 501km, where you can sacrifice (gamble) ore and receive another type of ore or sacrifice (gamble) relics for another type of relics. The success rate to get a new relic is very low.

There are three types of sacrificing, material, relic and scientist sacrificing:

Material Sacrificing: Throwing in any earth materials will either give you “nothing happens” or around the same value of another earth material, value can be slightly higher or lower to add some variance.

Relic Sacrificing: Throwing in any relic will either give you “nothing happens” or sometimes it can give you another relic back. The relics returned are based on what is thrown in for example endless miner speed potions can give you back endless drill speed potions, endless scientist speed potions, endless gem speed potions and a few others.

Scientist Sacrificing: Throwing in any scientist will will either give you “nothing happens” or sometimes it can give you another scientist back. You can sacrifice dead scientists, if you don't bury them.(most likely a bug)

Scientist Upgrading: to upgrade a Scientist you need a corrupted(blue) core or blessed(white/golden)core and hit a 50% chance to upgrade(we haven't worked out the chance yet) if you hit the chance your Scientist is successfully warped(the amount of "+"s depends on the rarity upgraded (legendary has ++, rare has +, uncommon and uncommon have no pluses)all warped Scientists have one more RNG roll making rare things more common)

Book of Secrets : Book of Secrets with the core sacrifice mechanics

Activation of the core through 1 book of secrets - the core turns blue. Next, you need to throw a relic into the core and get its improved version. IMPORTANT! chance is not 100%, the relic may evaporate, but the core will remain active. The second option is Two Books of Secrets. After activating the kernel, we throw the second book of secrets and get the book of secrets+ Activation of the book of secrets + colors the core white Such a core produces a relic++ Activating two books of secrets+ will give a book of secrets++ (up to 50% relic transformation success) .

When you sacrifice a Book of Secrets you corrupt the Core and the next sacrificed relic is Warped. When you sacrifice a Warped Book of Secrets you bless the Core and the next sacrificed relic is Divine.

Note: Core activation - 1 time. To reactivate, you need a new book of secrets.