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The Core

The Core (also called "The Pit") is located at 501 km, where you can sacrifice (gamble) ore and receive another type of ore or sacrifice (gamble) relics for another type of relic. It's also the place to upgrade your relics using the Book of Secrets (see below).

Types of Sacrifice[]

There are three types of sacrifices: ore, relic and scientist.

Interface core

An old version of the menu of the core on the mineral sacrifice

Material Sacrificing

Throwing in any materials from the Earth will either give you “nothing happens” or a similar but lesser value amount of a random Earth material. This can include the type of material you originally sacrificed. This is mainly useful as a crude form of trade, to get the materials you may need for a Trading post offer or a Blueprint. Note, you cannot get isotopes from this process, or any materials not found on Earth.

Relic Sacrificing

Throwing in any relic will either:

  • Give you “nothing happens”.
  • For a Basic core, you can get another relic back. The relics returned are based on what is thrown in. See tables below.
  • With a Warped or Blessed core the rate is 100% every time, it upgrades your Relic to Warped or Divine quality, see below. In this case, there will be no change to the type of relic, only of quality/rarity, and it is entirely dependent on the status of the core.
Scientist Sacrificing

Throwing in any scientist will either:

  • Give you “nothing happens”. The rate of return is 50% (that is, one out of two times you'll just lose the scientist), no matter if the Core is Basic, Warped or Blessed.
  • For a Basic Core, give you another scientist back at random, like when you get them from a chest.
  • For a Warped or Blessed Core, "upgrade" a scientist to "warped". See Scientists for details, and the following section for the how-to.

Book of Secrets[]

This is a very rare Relic (second rarest in the game, and also the most needed).

The main way to get these is from scientists' excavations. It can also be gained sometimes from the Trading post.

The Book of Secrets has no use other than to be sacrificed into the Core.

Abridged version for warping/divining the core[]

  • Throw a Book of Secrets in Core, core becomes warped (blue)
  • Throw another Book of Secrets into the warped (blue) core, you get Warped Book of Secrets
  • Then throw the Warped Book of Secrets into the core, core gets divine (gold)
  • Toss a relic in Warped Core, relic gets warped (usually not recommended)
  • Toss a scientist in Warped Core, scientist gets warped or destroyed (50% chance)
  • Toss a relic in Divine core, Relic gets divine
  • Toss a scientist in Divine Core, scientist gets warped or destroyed (50% chance, don't do this though because you can't get divine scientists, only warped)
  • After a successful sacrifice of a relic/scientist, the core resets to normal.

an alternative view of core warp/divining

state table for warping
normal warped divine
BoS warped BoS+ warped
BoS+ divine divine BoS++
BoS++ divine divine BoS++

(for a note on BoS turning a divine core into warped, this because when checking to warp, it only does 2 checks (sacked relic is BoS and isn't warped), and because divine is (not warped) it passes the check)

Core changes[]

Sacrificing ore to the core will not change the core's status, so if it is warped/divine, it will stay that way until a successful sacrifice of a relic/scientist.

When you sacrifice the Book of Secrets to a basic Core, the core becomes warped/corrupted (this is shown by changing the color of the Core to blue).

If you sacrifice another Book of Secrets to a corrupted/blue Core, it gives back a Warped "Book of Secrets+". The Core will also revert back into a basic core.

If you sacrifice a Warped "Book of Secrets+" to a Basic or Warped Core, the Core becomes blessed/divine (white/golden).

It is not recommended to sacrifice a Book of Secrets to a divine core. This will change the Blessed Core back into a Warped Core, thus wasting two Books of Secrets.

Warped Core[]

A Warped Core is blue in color and can be achieved by sacrificing a Book of Secrets to a Basic Core.

If you sacrifice a Relic to a Warped Core, you will receive a Warped Relic in return. If you sacrifice a Scientist to a Warped Core, you will either receive a Warped Scientist in return (50% chance) or lose the scientist (50% chance). After a successful sacrifice, the Warped Core turns back into a Basic Core.

If a scientist is successfully sacrificed, the Warped Scientist will be returned at Level 1, regardless of the original level of the scientist (see scientists).

Warped Relics are better than their basic counterparts (see Relics) but can be further upgraded to Divine Relics (see below).

Sacrificing a warped relic in a warped core will only give you back the warped relic you threw in, and the core will go back to normal. So do not do this, it's a waste of a book of secrets.

Divine Core[]

A Divine Core is golden in color and can be achieved by sacrificing a Warped "Book of Secrets+" to a Basic or Warped Core.

If you sacrifice a Basic or Warped Relic to a Divine Core, you will receive a divine relic in return. If you sacrifice a scientist to a Divine Core, you will not get a divine scientist, only a warped one at 50% probability. As a result, there is no value whatsoever in sacrificing a scientist into a Divine Core. After a successful sacrifice, the Divine Core turns back into a Basic Core.

Divine Relics are better than their basic and warped counterparts. When obtaining a Divine Relic, it is recommended to sacrifice a Basic Relic to a Divine Core, using 2 only Books of Secrets. If you were to upgrade a Relic first to Warped, then to Divine, you would use 3 Books of Secrets, thus unnecessarily wasting a Book of Secrets.

Relic inventory management tips[]

Let's say you have a full bag of relics and you're waiting for a BoS to upgrade them. You already have what you want (so, no relic swapping), only need to make them divine. However, the Book of Secrets is a relic itself, so it will need a free slot. Which means you will need to delete a relic to make way for it. Thus, after sacrificing the BoS to the Core, you will have a free slot.

A scientist with an excavation reward is like an extra Relic slot. You can keep the BoS on the scientist who found it (at the cost of opportunity of having an idle scientist) until you get another useful relic on one of the other two. Then you delete relic, get BoS/sacrifice BoS, get new relic. And you don't gamble with the relic to upgrade until *after* you get another one. This way you'll be able to always have your relics inventory full.

If you have relics you want to swap, instead of deleting them, you may try your luck on the Basic Core (see the table below), in case one of yours may be transformed into one you want. Be careful, though... you can only do this on the Basic Core, not on the Warped one.

Relic swapping[]

If you are sacrificing a Relic to a Warped or Blessed core, you'll get the same type of relic, but on improved Warped/Divine quality. See relics for the stats of improved relics, and the section above for how to do it.

But if you sacrifice a Relic to a Basic Core, you'll have the option to get a different relic. But not just any relic. One of the "related relics" (this is fixed in the game code). This table shows which ones. The game first chooses at random among them. For Warped and Divine relics, their "related relics" are also Warped/Divine quality ones.

Technical notes

However, Relics also have an internal Rarity Rating. And the game checks if the Relic you would be getting is at an acceptable Rarity increase. Which is weighted down by -.29. So in fact this acts like a further filter. For example, you sacrifice a Golden Pike (rarity .97). The possible rewards are Copper Pike (rarity .9) and Elemental Pike (rarity .85). The game rolls a random number, subtracts .29, and if the resulting Rarity increase is lower than the current increase... you get nothing. In this case, there is a 40% chance that the Copper Pike passes this filter, and a 45% that the Elemental Pike passes it. So the probability of getting a Copper Pike when you throw The Golden Pike is 50% (base chance of getting a reward) * 50% (chance that this reward will be selected) * 40% (chance that the rarity adjustment works), total 9.89%. Same calculation gives 11.13% for the Elemental Pike. The full probability to getting any reward of this gamble is the sum, 21.02%. For rewards that actually increase the rarity, this is way lower. For example, the probability of getting The Golden Pike from a Copper Pike is just 4.81%.

What you can get from a relic[]

The first column shows the relic you sacrifice. Then, the total % of getting something back. Then, specific possible results and their probabilities.

Although there is code for this, currently the game does not allow players to get the Book of Secrets++. See above. DO NOT sacrifice a Book of Secrets to a Divine core, you will not get the Book of Secrets++, instead the Core will revert to Warped.

Original Total % Possible resuls %
Endless Miner Speed Potion 15,14% Pay Cut 5,29%
Endless Gem Speed Potion 4,23%
Endless Drill Speed Potion 2,99%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion 2,63%
Golden Shovel 11,29% Copper Pike 3,56%
Sparkly Distraction 7,74%
Key of Luck 13,92% Nugget of Attraction 8,65%
Key of Gold 5,27%
Sword of War 15,11% Light Golden Boots 7,56%
Steel Shield 7,56%
The Golden Pike 21,02% Copper Pike 9,89%
Elemental Pike 11,13%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion 27,22% Pay Cut 10,00%
Endless Gem Speed Potion 5,53%
Endless Drill Speed Potion 3,78%
Endless Miner Speed Potion 5,53%
Book of Success 2,39%
Key of Gold 28,08% Nugget of Attraction 14,26%
Key of Luck 13,82%
Endless Drill Speed Potion 24,01% Pay Cut 8,23%
Endless Gem Speed Potion 6,00%
Endless Miner Speed Potion 6,00%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion 3,78%
Sparkly Distraction 13,84% Midas Touch 4,62%
Golden Shovel 9,22%
Book of Success 28,46% Endless Scientist Experience Potion 12,00%
Copper Scythe 16,46%
Steel Shield 22,84% Wooden Shield 22,84%
Light Golden Boots 17,89% Sword of War 9,44%
Steel Shield 8,45%
Golden Scythe 37,00% Copper Scythe 12,00%
Scythe 25,00%
Endless Gem Speed Potion 15,49% Book of Ingenuity 2,25%
Wider Well 3,15%
Pay Cut 3,53%
Endless Miner Speed Potion 2,82%
Endless Drill Speed Potion 1,99%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion 1,76%
Book of Ingenuity 22,59% Endless Gem Speed Potion 10,59%
Wider Well 12,00%
Midas Touch 15,11% Book of Success 15,11%
Elemental Pike 13,99% Copper Pike 7,56%
The Golden Pike 6,43%
Nugget of Attraction 13,41% Key of Luck 8,27%
Key of Gold 5,14%
Book of Time 16,60% Endless Gem Speed Potion 7,06%
Endless Drill Speed Potion 5,04%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion 4,50%
Wider Well 13,53% Endless Gem Speed Potion 7,56%
Book of Ingenuity 5,97%
Pay Cut 11,07% Endless Miner Speed Potion 3,38%
Endless Gem Speed Potion 3,38%
Endless Drill Speed Potion 2,31%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion 2,00%
Wooden Shield 12,57% Steel Shield 12,57%
Copper Scythe 22,43% Golden Scythe 5,97%
Scythe 16,46%
Scythe 7,51% Golden Scythe 2,89%
Copper Scythe 4,62%
Copper Pike 27,77% The Golden Pike 4,81%
Elemental Pike 6,29%
Golden Shovel 16,67%
Light Boot 14,77% Bullseye 7,06%
Eagle Eye 5,04%
Golden Bow 2,67%
Sack of Endurance 21,18% Cargo Expansion 21,18%
Cargo Expansion 10,20% Sack of Endurance 6,75%
Egg of Incubation 3,45%
Bullseye 8,86% Eagle Eye 5,97%
Golden Bow 2,89%
Eagle Eye 16,62% Bullseye 12,00%
Golden Bow 4,62%
Golden Bow 41,46% Bullseye 25,00%
Eagle Eye 16,46%
Egg of Incubation 50,00% Cargo Expansion 50,00%
Endless Miner Speed Potion+ 16,55% Pay Cut+ 4,23%
Endless Gem Speed Potion+ 4,23%
Endless Drill Speed Potion+ 4,72%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion+ 3,38%
Golden Shovel+ 18,44% Copper Pike+ 6,12%
Sparkly Distraction+ 12,32%
Key of Luck+ 12,02% Nugget of Attraction+ 6,75%
Key of Gold+ 5,27%
Sword of War+ 11,57% Light Golden Boots+ 7,56%
Golden Scythe+ 4,01%
The Golden Pike+ 21,02% Copper Pike+ 9,89%
Elemental Pike+ 11,13%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion+ 20,53% Pay Cut+ 4,24%
Endless Gem Speed Potion+ 4,24%
Endless Drill Speed Potion+ 4,80%
Endless Miner Speed Potion+ 4,24%
Book of Success+ 3,02%
Key of Gold+ 24,41% Nugget of Attraction+ 10,59%
Key of Luck+ 13,82%
Endless Drill Speed Potion+ 14,32% Pay Cut+ 3,78%
Endless Gem Speed Potion+ 3,78%
Endless Miner Speed Potion+ 3,78%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion+ 2,99%
Sparkly Distraction+ 10,44% Midas Touch+ 4,62%
Golden Shovel+ 5,82%
Book of Success+ 25,90% Endless Scientist Experience Potion+ 9,44%
Copper Scythe+ 16,46%
Steel Shield+ 22,84% Wooden Shield+ 22,84%
Light Golden Boots+ 14,06% Sword of War+ 9,44%
Golden Scythe+ 4,62%
Golden Scythe+ 37,00% Copper Scythe+ 12,00%
Scythe+ 25,00%
Endless Gem Speed Potion+ 19,33% Book of Ingenuity+ 2,82%
Wider Well+ 5,49%
Pay Cut+ 2,82%
Endless Miner Speed Potion+ 2,82%
Endless Drill Speed Potion+ 3,15%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion+ 2,25%
Book of Ingenuity+ 24,91% Endless Gem Speed Potion+ 8,45%
Wider Well+ 16,46%
Midas Touch+ 15,11% Book of Success+ 15,11%
Elemental Pike+ 13,99% Copper Pike+ 7,56%
The Golden Pike+ 6,43%
Nugget of Attraction+ 17,34% Key of Luck+ 10,59%
Key of Gold+ 6,75%
Book of Time+ 13,05% Endless Gem Speed Potion+ 4,50%
Endless Drill Speed Potion+ 5,04%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion+ 3,51%
Wider Well+ 9,24% Endless Gem Speed Potion+ 4,62%
Book of Ingenuity+ 4,62%
Pay Cut+ 16,55% Endless Miner Speed Potion+ 4,23%
Endless Gem Speed Potion+ 4,23%
Endless Drill Speed Potion+ 4,72%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion+ 3,38%
Wooden Shield+ 6,22% Golden Scythe+ 6,22%
Copper Scythe+ 22,43% Golden Scythe+ 5,97%
Scythe+ 16,46%
Scythe+ 7,51% Golden Scythe+ 2,89%
Copper Scythe+ 4,62%
Copper Pike+ 18,91% The Golden Pike+ 4,81%
Elemental Pike+ 6,29%
Golden Shovel+ 7,80%
Light Boot+ 14,77% Bullseye+ 7,06%
Eagle Eye+ 5,04%
Golden Bow+ 2,67%
Sack of Endurance+ 21,18% Cargo Expansion+ 21,18%
Cargo Expansion+ 11,37% Sack of Endurance+ 6,75%
Egg of Incubation+ 4,62%
Bullseye+ 8,86% Eagle Eye+ 5,97%
Golden Bow+ 2,89%
Eagle Eye+ 16,62% Bullseye+ 12,00%
Golden Bow+ 4,62%
Golden Bow+ 41,46% Bullseye+ 25,00%
Eagle Eye+ 16,46%
Egg of Incubation+ 32,92% Cargo Expansion+ 32,92%
Endless Miner Speed Potion++ 16,55% Pay Cut++ 4,23%
Endless Gem Speed Potion++ 4,23%
Endless Drill Speed Potion++ 4,72%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion++ 3,38%
Golden Shovel++ 18,44% Copper Pike++ 6,12%
Sparkly Distraction++ 12,32%
Key of Luck++ 12,02% Nugget of Attraction++ 6,75%
Key of Gold++ 5,27%
Sword of War++ 11,57% Light Golden Boots++ 7,56%
Golden Scythe++ 4,01%
The Golden Pike++ 21,02% Copper Pike++ 9,89%
Elemental Pike++ 11,13%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion++ 20,53% Pay Cut++ 4,24%
Endless Gem Speed Potion++ 4,24%
Endless Drill Speed Potion++ 4,80%
Endless Miner Speed Potion++ 4,24%
Book of Success++ 3,02%
Key of Gold++ 24,41% Nugget of Attraction++ 10,59%
Key of Luck++ 13,82%
Endless Drill Speed Potion++ 14,32% Pay Cut++ 3,78%
Endless Gem Speed Potion++ 3,78%
Endless Miner Speed Potion++ 3,78%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion++ 2,99%
Sparkly Distraction++ 10,44% Midas Touch++ 4,62%
Golden Shovel++ 5,82%
Book of Success++ 25,90% Endless Scientist Experience Potion++ 9,44%
Copper Scythe++ 16,46%
Steel Shield++ 22,84% Wooden Shield++ 22,84%
Light Golden Boots++ 14,06% Sword of War++ 9,44%
Golden Scythe++ 4,62%
Golden Scythe++ 37,00% Copper Scythe++ 12,00%
Scythe++ 25,00%
Endless Gem Speed Potion++ 19,33% Book of Ingenuity++ 2,82%
Wider Well++ 5,49%
Pay Cut++ 2,82%
Endless Miner Speed Potion++ 2,82%
Endless Drill Speed Potion++ 3,15%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion++ 2,25%
Book of Ingenuity++ 24,91% Endless Gem Speed Potion++ 8,45%
Wider Well++ 16,46%
Midas Touch++ 18,88% Golden Scythe++ 18,88%
Elemental Pike++ 13,99% Copper Pike++ 7,56%
The Golden Pike++ 6,43%
Nugget of Attraction++ 17,34% Key of Luck++ 10,59%
Key of Gold++ 6,75%
Book of Time++ 13,05% Endless Gem Speed Potion++ 4,50%
Endless Drill Speed Potion++ 5,04%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion++ 3,51%
Wider Well++ 9,24% Endless Gem Speed Potion++ 4,62%
Book of Ingenuity++ 4,62%
Pay Cut++ 16,55% Endless Miner Speed Potion++ 4,23%
Endless Gem Speed Potion++ 4,23%
Endless Drill Speed Potion++ 4,72%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion++ 3,38%
Wooden Shield++ 6,22% Golden Scythe++ 6,22%
Copper Scythe++ 22,43% Golden Scythe++ 5,97%
Scythe++ 16,46%
Scythe++ 7,51% Golden Scythe++ 2,89%
Copper Scythe++ 4,62%
Copper Pike++ 18,91% The Golden Pike++ 4,81%
Elemental Pike++ 6,29%
Golden Shovel++ 7,80%
Light Boot++ 14,77% Bullseye++ 7,06%
Eagle Eye++ 5,04%
Golden Bow++ 2,67%
Sack of Endurance++ 21,18% Cargo Expansion++ 21,18%
Cargo Expansion++ 11,37% Sack of Endurance++ 6,75%
Egg of Incubation++ 4,62%
Bullseye++ 8,86% Eagle Eye++ 5,97%
Golden Bow++ 2,89%
Eagle Eye++ 16,62% Bullseye++ 12,00%
Golden Bow++ 4,62%
Golden Bow++ 41,46% Bullseye++ 25,00%
Eagle Eye++ 16,46%
Egg of Incubation++ 32,92% Cargo Expansion++ 32,92%

What relics you can get your relic from[]

This table is a little more complicated than the previous one. The first column shows the relic you want. The next ones show which relics could give you that reward, and the probability of getting what you want. You could, however, get a different reward according to the table above. There are a few relics that you absolutely cannot get using this method, they are marked as "N/A". Among them, of course, the Book of Secrets.

Relic you want Relic you sacrifice! % of
what you want
Endless Miner Speed Potion Endless Scientist Experience Potion 5,53%
Endless Drill Speed Potion 6,00%
Endless Gem Speed Potion 2,82%
Pay Cut 3,38%
Golden Shovel Sparkly Distraction 9,22%
Copper Pike 16,67%
Key of Luck Key of Gold 13,82%
Nugget of Attraction 8,27%
Sword of War Light Golden Boots 9,44%
The Golden Pike Elemental Pike 6,43%
Copper Pike 4,81%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion Endless Miner Speed Potion 2,63%
Endless Drill Speed Potion 3,78%
Book of Success 12,00%
Endless Gem Speed Potion 1,76%
Book of Time 4,50%
Pay Cut 2,00%
Key of Gold Key of Luck 5,27%
Nugget of Attraction 5,14%
Endless Drill Speed Potion Endless Miner Speed Potion 2,99%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion 3,78%
Endless Gem Speed Potion 1,99%
Book of Time 5,04%
Pay Cut 2,31%
Sparkly Distraction Golden Shovel 7,74%
Book of Success Endless Scientist Experience Potion 2,39%
Midas Touch 15,11%
Book of Secrets 0%
Steel Shield Sword of War 7,56%
Light Golden Boots 8,45%
Wooden Shield 12,57%
Light Golden Boots Sword of War 7,56%
Golden Scythe Copper Scythe 5,97%
Scythe 2,89%
Endless Gem Speed Potion Endless Miner Speed Potion 4,23%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion 5,53%
Endless Drill Speed Potion 6,00%
Book of Ingenuity 10,59%
Book of Time 7,06%
Wider Well 7,56%
Pay Cut 3,38%
Book of Ingenuity Endless Gem Speed Potion 2,25%
Wider Well 5,97%
Book of Secrets 0%
Midas Touch Sparkly Distraction 4,62%
Elemental Pike The Golden Pike 11,13%
Copper Pike 6,29%
Nugget of Attraction Key of Luck 8,65%
Key of Gold 14,26%
Book of Time Book of Secrets 0%
Wider Well Endless Gem Speed Potion 3,15%
Book of Ingenuity 12,00%
Pay Cut Endless Miner Speed Potion 5,29%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion 10,00%
Endless Drill Speed Potion 8,23%
Endless Gem Speed Potion 3,53%
Wooden Shield Steel Shield 22,84%
Copper Scythe Book of Success 16,46%
Golden Scythe 12,00%
Scythe 4,62%
Scythe Golden Scythe 25,00%
Copper Scythe 16,46%
Copper Pike Golden Shovel 3,56%
The Golden Pike 9,89%
Elemental Pike 7,56%
Light Boot N/A N/A
Book of Secrets N/A N/A
Sack of Endurance Cargo Expansion 6,75%
Cargo Expansion Sack of Endurance 21,18%
Egg of Incubation 50,00%
Bullseye Light Boot 7,06%
Eagle Eye 12,00%
Golden Bow 25,00%
Eagle Eye Light Boot 5,04%
Bullseye 5,97%
Golden Bow 16,46%
Golden Bow Light Boot 2,67%
Bullseye 2,89%
Eagle Eye 4,62%
Egg of Incubation Cargo Expansion 3,45%
Endless Miner Speed Potion+ Endless Scientist Experience Potion+ 4,24%
Endless Drill Speed Potion+ 3,78%
Endless Gem Speed Potion+ 2,82%
Pay Cut+ 4,23%
Golden Shovel+ Sparkly Distraction+ 5,82%
Copper Pike+ 7,80%
Key of Luck+ Key of Gold+ 13,82%
Nugget of Attraction+ 10,59%
Sword of War+ Light Golden Boots+ 9,44%
The Golden Pike+ Elemental Pike+ 6,43%
Copper Pike+ 4,81%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion+ Endless Miner Speed Potion+ 3,38%
Endless Drill Speed Potion+ 2,99%
Book of Success+ 9,44%
Endless Gem Speed Potion+ 2,25%
Book of Time+ 3,51%
Pay Cut+ 3,38%
Key of Gold+ Key of Luck+ 5,27%
Nugget of Attraction+ 6,75%
Endless Drill Speed Potion+ Endless Miner Speed Potion+ 4,72%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion+ 4,80%
Endless Gem Speed Potion+ 3,15%
Book of Time+ 5,04%
Pay Cut+ 4,72%
Sparkly Distraction+ Golden Shovel+ 12,32%
Book of Success+ Endless Scientist Experience Potion+ 3,02%
Midas Touch+ 15,11%
Book of Secrets+ 0%
Steel Shield+ N/A N/A
Light Golden Boots+ Sword of War+ 7,56%
Golden Scythe+ Sword of War+ 4,01%
Light Golden Boots+ 4,62%
Wooden Shield+ 6,22%
Copper Scythe+ 5,97%
Scythe+ 2,89%
Endless Gem Speed Potion+ Endless Miner Speed Potion+ 4,23%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion+ 4,24%
Endless Drill Speed Potion+ 3,78%
Book of Ingenuity+ 8,45%
Book of Time+ 4,50%
Wider Well+ 4,62%
Pay Cut+ 4,23%
Book of Ingenuity+ Endless Gem Speed Potion+ 2,82%
Wider Well+ 4,62%
Book of Secrets+ 0%
Midas Touch+ Sparkly Distraction+ 4,62%
Elemental Pike+ The Golden Pike+ 11,13%
Copper Pike+ 6,29%
Nugget of Attraction+ Key of Luck+ 6,75%
Key of Gold+ 10,59%
Book of Time+ Book of Secrets+ 0%
Wider Well+ Endless Gem Speed Potion+ 5,49%
Book of Ingenuity+ 16,46%
Pay Cut+ Endless Miner Speed Potion+ 4,23%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion+ 4,24%
Endless Drill Speed Potion+ 3,78%
Endless Gem Speed Potion+ 2,82%
Wooden Shield+ Steel Shield+ 22,84%
Copper Scythe+ Book of Success+ 16,46%
Golden Scythe+ 12,00%
Scythe+ 4,62%
Scythe+ Golden Scythe+ 25,00%
Copper Scythe+ 16,46%
Copper Pike+ Golden Shovel+ 6,12%
The Golden Pike+ 9,89%
Elemental Pike+ 7,56%
Light Boot+ N/A N/A
Book of Secrets+ N/A N/A
Sack of Endurance+ Cargo Expansion+ 6,75%
Cargo Expansion+ Sack of Endurance+ 21,18%
Egg of Incubation+ 32,92%
Bullseye+ Light Boot+ 7,06%
Eagle Eye+ 12,00%
Golden Bow+ 25,00%
Eagle Eye+ Light Boot+ 5,04%
Bullseye+ 5,97%
Golden Bow+ 16,46%
Golden Bow+ Light Boot+ 2,67%
Bullseye+ 2,89%
Eagle Eye+ 4,62%
Egg of Incubation+ Cargo Expansion+ 4,62%
Endless Miner Speed Potion++ Endless Scientist Experience Potion++ 4,24%
Endless Drill Speed Potion++ 3,78%
Endless Gem Speed Potion++ 2,82%
Pay Cut++ 4,23%
Golden Shovel++ Sparkly Distraction++ 5,82%
Copper Pike++ 7,80%
Key of Luck++ Key of Gold++ 13,82%
Nugget of Attraction++ 10,59%
Sword of War++ Light Golden Boots++ 9,44%
The Golden Pike++ Elemental Pike++ 6,43%
Copper Pike++ 4,81%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion++ Endless Miner Speed Potion++ 3,38%
Endless Drill Speed Potion++ 2,99%
Book of Success++ 9,44%
Endless Gem Speed Potion++ 2,25%
Book of Time++ 3,51%
Pay Cut++ 3,38%
Key of Gold++ Key of Luck++ 5,27%
Nugget of Attraction++ 6,75%
Endless Drill Speed Potion++ Endless Miner Speed Potion++ 4,72%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion++ 4,80%
Endless Gem Speed Potion++ 3,15%
Book of Time++ 5,04%
Pay Cut++ 4,72%
Sparkly Distraction++ Golden Shovel++ 12,32%
Book of Success++ Endless Scientist Experience Potion++ 3,02%
Book of Secrets++ 0%
Steel Shield++ N/A N/A
Light Golden Boots++ Sword of War++ 7,56%
Golden Scythe++ Sword of War++ 4,01%
Light Golden Boots++ 4,62%
Midas Touch++ 18,88%
Wooden Shield++ 6,22%
Copper Scythe++ 5,97%
Scythe++ 2,89%
Endless Gem Speed Potion++ Endless Miner Speed Potion++ 4,23%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion++ 4,24%
Endless Drill Speed Potion++ 3,78%
Book of Ingenuity++ 8,45%
Book of Time++ 4,50%
Wider Well++ 4,62%
Pay Cut++ 4,23%
Book of Ingenuity++ Endless Gem Speed Potion++ 2,82%
Wider Well++ 4,62%
Book of Secrets++ 0%
Midas Touch++ Sparkly Distraction++ 4,62%
Elemental Pike++ The Golden Pike++ 11,13%
Copper Pike++ 6,29%
Nugget of Attraction++ Key of Luck++ 6,75%
Key of Gold++ 10,59%
Book of Time++ Book of Secrets++ 0%
Wider Well++ Endless Gem Speed Potion++ 5,49%
Book of Ingenuity++ 16,46%
Pay Cut++ Endless Miner Speed Potion++ 4,23%
Endless Scientist Experience Potion++ 4,24%
Endless Drill Speed Potion++ 3,78%
Endless Gem Speed Potion++ 2,82%
Wooden Shield++ Steel Shield++ 22,84%
Copper Scythe++ Book of Success++ 16,46%
Golden Scythe++ 12,00%
Scythe++ 4,62%
Scythe++ Golden Scythe++ 25,00%
Copper Scythe++ 16,46%
Copper Pike++ Golden Shovel++ 6,12%
The Golden Pike++ 9,89%
Elemental Pike++ 7,56%
Light Boot++ N/A N/A
Book of Secrets++ N/A N/A
Sack of Endurance++ Cargo Expansion++ 6,75%
Cargo Expansion++ Sack of Endurance++ 21,18%
Egg of Incubation++ 32,92%
Bullseye++ Light Boot++ 7,06%
Eagle Eye++ 12,00%
Golden Bow++ 25,00%
Eagle Eye++ Light Boot++ 5,04%
Bullseye++ 5,97%
Golden Bow++ 16,46%
Golden Bow++ Light Boot++ 2,67%
Bullseye++ 2,89%
Eagle Eye++ 4,62%
Egg of Incubation++ Cargo Expansion++ 4,62%