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Mr. Mine offers quite a few keyboard shortcuts and ways to make your life easier and faster.

First of all, "Esc" key closes any popup window.

Second, Shift + Click opens a chest and gives the reward without showing the animation. This works for any chest, even from caves, scientists and Trading Post.

Specific shortcuts[]

Sell Center shortcuts[]

  • "S" opens the Sell Center / Alternate between Earth and Moon.
  • Clicking on any mineral or isotope will open the appropriate Sell Center (Earth or Moon)
  • Clicking or on capacity indicator will always open the Earth Sell Center

"S" also pans the view to the appropriate Sell Center, so it can be used as a "fast travel". The other two options open the Sell Center without moving from the current mineshaft.


For monster battles, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,!,@, map respectively to your Weapons list.



"K" opens the Caves building, panning the view to km 45. From there, if you Shift+Click a cave, the popup for the cave layout will open directly. If you click the cave instead, you'll be taken to the level the cave is in (e.g. km 456), and then you need to open the cave, needing an extra step.

Full HotKeys table[]

All hotkeys opening buildings also pan the view to where the building is. Those indicating "alternate" change between the Earth and the Moon version when appropriate. By rough order of frequency of use / usefulness.

Key Description
Esc Close any popup
Cursor up/down Moves up/down the mine, same as scroll wheel
Ctrl+Scroll Scrolls 5KM at once. If stuck, press Ctrl again.
Space Jumps to chests(if Metal Detector ≥ 4)
Shift+Click Open chests without popup
S Sell Center / Alternate
T Trading post / Alternate
K Cave building (inventory/list of caves)
Shift+Click Open a Cave directly from "K" building
G Gem Forge
Shift+Click Forge 5 Gems at once
R Reactor
Shift+Click quickly add and put away parts in the reactor components
B Buff Lab
Shift+S Scientists (there is no hotkey for alternating)
C The Core
H Hire Center / Alternate
D Craft Center / Alternate
W Weapons
Q Quest / Alternate Top/Underground city
O Oil Pump
Ctrl+S Save the Game

Bugs and problems[]

Sell Center bug

There is a known bug when using "S" to alternate between the Earth and Moon sell centers, when, after switching, the "Buy All" will still be linked to the previous center (that is, you can sell Earth minerals from the moon and vice versa). You can avoid it by clicking anywhere on the screen before clicking "Sell All". If you wait a couple of seconds, it should stabilize too.

Auto monster defeat

If you close the battle screen, the game will count that as a defeat. While there is no lasting consequence, you'll lose the reward. Keep in mind you can trigger this by closing the screen with "Esc", and also by opening any other popup, either through clicking or through keyboard shortcuts.

Losing chests

When you open a chest with the animation (without Shift), the game first deletes the chest from the source (mine/metal detector/scientist/trading post), and then shows the popup. If you close the popup, either with Esc or by opening another popup with a shortcut, you'll lose the chest. Even if it's a gold one. If the animation has opened, open the chest NOW!. This is a good motive to always open your chests with Shift+Click.