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Scientist access booth

Scientists allows you to send them on excavation missions for rewards such as minerals or relics. Scientists are a reward from chests.

The chances for getting scientists are:

  • 3/80 if you have none
  • 2/80 if you have one scientists
  • 1/80 if you have two scientists
  • 0/80 if you have three scientists
  • you have to be past 50KM

Scientists can be sent on missions through the scientist interface. The interface is accessed by clicking on the miner in the booth on a pile of dirt at the top of the mine, or on the sidebar

Scientist mission and relic interface (outdated)

The scientist interface has four tabs, one for your relics and three for your scientists. It is not possible to have more than three active scientists, and you will not be awarded additional scientists if you have three active already. The only way to get rid of scientists is for them to be killed during a mission.

Scientists table

The table contains the name, rarity and level of each scientist together with if the given scientist has a reduced death chance and can grant extra rewards.

The rarity of a scientist impacts the death chance on excavations. The rarer a scientist is, the less the chance of dying on a mission it has.

Besides the fact a scientist can have a reduced chance of death, the Book of Success relic increases all excavation success rates by 2%

the formula for Death chances is "(base Dc × Dc reduction(from rarity)) − Book Of Success %"

you can work out the base Dc with "(displayed dc on the mission + Book Of Success %) × (1 + DC reduction %)

Name Rarity Reduced death chance chance to get amount of RNG rolls
Jank Common No 2/18(11.1*%) 1
Mrs. Marge Common No 1/18(5.55*%) 1
Taylor Common No 1/18(5.55*%) 1
Ziggy Common No 2/18(11.1*%) 1
The Aussie Common No 1/18(5.55*%) 1
Lt. Ramirez Common No 1/18(5.55*%) 1
Layla Common No 1/18(5.55*%) 1
Dallas Uncommon Yes, 10% 1/18(5.55*%) 1
Ernie Uncommon Yes, 10% 1/18(5.55*%) 1
Dr. Gilbert Uncommon Yes, 10% 1/18(5.55*%) 1
Dr. Franduzle Uncommon Yes, 25% 1/18(5.55*%) 1
Mr. Mustache Rare Yes, 25% 1/18(5.55*%) 2
Mr. Mustachio Rare Yes, 25% 1/18(5.55*%) 2
Professor Zany Rare Yes, 25% 1/18(5.55*%) 2
Dr. Archibald Legendary Yes, 50% 1/18(5.55*%) 4
James The BEAR Legendary Yes, 50% 1/18(5.55*%) 4

Death reasons

When a scientist dies, 1 of 15 death reasons can be displayed. The table below lists these reasons.

Death reason
Fell off the side of the mine
Ate some expired meat
Was too close to live explosives
Discovered boron is not edible
Returned to the periodic table
Should have studied safety first
Now weighs 21 grams less
Studied explosive drills to conclusion
Invented hover boots - never seen again
Victim of a cave-in
Victim of Methane Asphyxia
Victim of a Methane Explosion
Carbon Dioxide Suffocation
Long Term Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure
Was Electrocuted


A scientist can give any of these rewards.

Reward Description rarity
Endless Miner Speed Potion Relics .75
Golden Shovel Relics .76
Key of Luck Relics .71
Sword of War Relics .5
Basic Chest Treasure chests .10
Golden Chest Treasure chests .92
2x Tickets 2 Tickets .67
Large bag of money Some large sum of money .30
Small bag of money Some small sum of money .10
Big Cheese Double all current minerals in inventory .94
The Golden Pike Relics .97
New Contract Unlocks another scientist .67
Endless Scientist Speed Potion Relics .85
Key of Gold Relics .91
Relic Bag Increases max relic slots by 1 .72
Some Money Some amount of money .20
Small Mineral Pile Small Amount of Minerals .10
Medium Mineral Pile Medium Amount of Minerals .05
Large Mineral Pile Large Amount of Minerals .00
Endless Drill Speed Potion Relics .70
Sparkly Distraction Relics .60
Book of Success Relics .90
Steel Shield Relics .55
Light Golden Boots Relics .55
Golden Scythe Relics .80
Endless Weapon Speed Potion Relics .75
Book of Relics .75
Midas Touch Relics .85
Elemental Pike Relics .85
Nugget of Attraction Relics .80
Book of Time Relics .65
Wider Well Relics .50
Unlock a New Weapon Unlocks a new battle weapon .50
Pay Cut Relics .75
Oil Some Oil .40
Wooden Shield Relics .42
Copper Scythe Relics .65
Scythe Relics .40
Copper Pike Relics .90
Light Boot Relics .40
1 Ticket 1 Ticket .45
Carrot of Time 1 hour timelapse .22
Strawberry of Time 2 hour timelapse .27
Banana of Time 30 minute timelapse .05
Chocolate of Time 3 hour timelapse .39
Book of Secrets Relics .94
1km Depth Gain 1km depth (note: only available below 900km) .55
Sack of Endurance Relics .6
Cargo Expansion Relics .5
Bullseye Relics .3
Eagle Eye Relics .45
Golden Bow Relics .7
Egg of Incubation Relics .75
Unlock a New Weapon Weapons .45
2 Building Materials Pile of Building Materials .18
10 Building Materials Stack of Building Materials

(must be less that Km 600)