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Oil is a resource that can be found in the Underground City. You can extract Oil using the Oil Pump found at the middle below the Pyramid in the Underground City. It can also be obtained from Treasure Chests or as a reward from scientific excavation mission. For the exact amount of obtained Oil look at the table here.


Oil is used as a material to upgrade the Drill starting at level 12 and to upgrade weapons in the Underground City. Unlike other materials Oil can't be sold.

Oil Recipes W I P


Name Oil Needed Shop Category Category(Level)
Seismic Resonance Engine 5 Broken Robot Engine(12)
Lava Drill 30 Broken Robot Drill(12)
Liquid Nitrogen Fan 10 Broken Robot Fan(12)
City Capacity 32 Broken Robot Cargo(12)
Gravity Engine 200 Broken Robot Engine(13)
Gravity Drill 300 Broken Robot Drill(13)
Pressure Cooled Fan 100 Broken Robot Fan(13)
Country Capacity 150 Broken Robot Cargo(13)
Core Reactor Engine 1000 Discovered Engine(14)
Irradiated Drill 1000 Discovered Drill(14)
9M PSI Pressure Fan 500 Discovered Fan(14)
Planet Capacity 2000 Discovered Cargo(14)
Pressurized Reactor Engine 1000 Discovered Engine(15)
Enhanced Irradiated Drill 1000 Discovered Drill(15)
Liquid Neon Coolant System 500 Discovered Fan(15)
Robo Anthropomorphic Engine 2000 Discovered Engine(16)
Dual Mantle Destroyer Drill 1000 Discovered Drill(16)
Helium Coolant System 1000 Discovered Fan(16)
Rocket Engine 4000 Discovered Engine(17)
Temperature Hardened Drill 4000 Discovered Drill(17)
Vacuum Chilled Coolant System 2000 Discovered Fan(17)
Rocket Engine T2 100 Lunar Starter Engine(18)
Rocket Engine T3 4000 Lunar Starter Engine(19)
Solid Fuel Rocket Engine T3 8000 Lunar Starter Engine(23)
Vibration Drill T3 8000 Discovered Drill(23)
Bipropellant Rocket Engine T2 8000 Robot MK2 Engine(25)
Mounded Drill T2 8000 Robot MK2 Drill(25)
Conductive Heat Disperser T2 8000 Robot MK2 Fan(25)