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The goal of this wiki is to provide helpful information about the latest version of the Mr. Mine game in order to advance the knowledge of its player base and improve their gaming experience.

Mr. Mine is an idle mining incremental game. The game is about mining deeper and deeper, while gathering resources, and then selling them or using them for upgrades. The game is available on Steam, in-browser, as well as on phones. The game is in active development and features are added from time to time. See Version history for details.

If you have doubts, please see the Frequently Asked Questions or ask in the Discord. If you came here looking for codes, good news! There is a page for Active Codes (<- click here).

Popular Pages

Some of the most commonly seen/searched for pages are: Treasure chests, Relics, Upgrades/Blueprints, The Core/Book of Secrets and Quests/UFO

Other important pages are Milestones, Super Miners, Scientists, Caves, Forge, Monsters/Weapons, and Reactor/Buff Lab.

For a fuller view, everything on the Game features category is a "main" page. Make sure you also check the subcategories. You can also explore from there with the Category Tree.

General Info: MaterialsChestsQuestsMilestonesUpgradesBlueprints
Depth Progression: Super MinersCavesScientistsGemsWeaponsCore/Book Of SecretsReactor[Guide]
More: RelicsShortcutsFAQAbbreviations

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  • About codes: Codes are announced at the Announcement channel at the Discord. You can also try the Active Codes page (no guarantee they are the latest, or that they haven't expired). Codes typically expire after a few days or uses. If the latest ones in announcements don't work it's unlikely there is any available. Please do not ask for any codes and NEVER ask the devs for codes.
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