The Moon is the second World in Mr. Mine. After digging to a depth of 1,000 km on Earth, you reach the bottom surface of the Earth. Then, there is a 32 km region of air and space, which you progress pretty fast through before reaching the surface of the Moon at a total depth of 1,032 km. The Moon starts from 1032km till 1782km.

Lunar Base.png

The new Moon Materials that can be mined are: Carbon, Iron, Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium, Silicon, Promethium, Neodymium, and Ytterbium.

The new Moon Isotopes are: Nitrogen, Helium, Einsteinium and Fermium. The last 2 aren't obtainable by mining but through the Reactor.

Also, a new planet is coming soon! It is still a work in progress though and hopefully coming to Mr Mine soon!

Any guesses of what the new planet is going to be?? The world after the Moon is called Titan.

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