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Monsters are clickables that will start to be encountered below the Underground City, at depths of 303km and below.

Fighting monsters is a minigame where you fight using your weapons. You can upgrade them with gems, both of which are unlocked on the Underground City. There are shortcuts for them, or you can use an autoclicker. There is no penalty for losing.

When a monster is defeated, you get a random amount of money and sometimes a Weapon. Monsters are a reasonable source of money in the middle to late game, especially the "easy" ones on the middle of the mine (of course, what counts as "easy" will depend on you).

Common monsters[]

A miner found a monster

The difficulty of the monsters depends on the depth of the mine. Just like chests, monsters spawn at random locations and can be fought by clicking on the miner with a red exclamation mark above his head. But unlike chests, only one monster will spawn on your mine at any one time. There can be up to a monster, a chest, a cave and a mineral pile on the same floor.

Battle Generation[]

  • There can be only one battle waiting. If no common monster is waiting, every 30 secs there is a 7% chance of a monster appearing. So the probability of generating a battle within X minutes is:
    • 2 min: 25%
    • 5 min: 52%
    • 10 min: 77%
    • 20 min: 95%
  • Battles only spawn below 304km. And once you dig below 608km, they only spawn on the lower half of the mine.
  • There is a spawn table, with an entry for every 10 levels, and 3 sub-entries on it. 75% of the time, the monster will be from the first entry, 20% of the time from the second, and 5% of the time, from the third. The second and third entries are for stronger monsters, either a stronger type or a bonus to attack/HP. Bonuses give a +5% to both HP and Attack of the monster, for each bonus point. Bonuses can go as high as 6 (+30%), but is is rare, for most monsters the max. bonus is 4 (+20%).

Battle mechanics[]

  • You start with all your cooldowns at full (you can attack at once with all unlocked weapons), then after using it, each weapon has its own cooldown
  • The monster attacks at fixed intervals, doing between 0.5 and 1.5 of its ATK
  • You will only have criticals if you have the required relics (usually not recommended, as there is no need for it).
  • The one who first loses all HP, loses the battle
  • There are no penalties for losing

Your HP[]

Your HP is determined as:

  • Base HP: 800
  • +4HP for each Km. below 300 and +8HP for each km. below 1000 (so, e.g. at 1200km you add +4200, 3600 for general depth and 800 for Moon depth)
  • +12HP for each (Forge level x Oil Pump level) (so, if lv.7 forge, lv.13 pump, it would be +1092HP)
  • +12HP for each quest completed

Historical note

A previous version of this page said that you gained 4 extra HP (up to a maximum value determined by the depth of your mine), when you defeated a monster, but as current (0.27) version, there is no code for this.


The money from monsters only depends on your game's progression and the monster's depth relative to the total depth of your mine:

  • dropMultiplier = BigInt(Math.floor(Math.pow((depthOfMonster / depth), 2) * 100 * depthMultiplier()));
  • dropCoin = (dropMultiplier * (valueOfMineralsPerSecond() * 60n * 60n * 3n)) / 100n


  • depthMultiplier() is 1 for all depths below 1000. And then +1/1000 for each km past, to a max. of 2.
  • The Pow squares the relative depth, so it goes from 0.25 to 1. So dropmultiplier is from 25 to 200, depending on depth of monster and depth of mine.
  • valueOfMineralsPerSecond() is exactly what it says it is. The calculation gives 108 seconds.
  • So in short, the possible reward is from 45 minutes to 6h of your mineral production.
  • The average is 100 min, or in chests equivalents, around 12 money chests, multiplied by the depth multiplier.

Earth Monsters (in order)[]

Name Depth range Base ATK Base HP Speed
Rocket 300-330km 12 70 1000
Ramer 330-410km 22 120 1000
Stoner 410-510km 30 270 1200
Rocklord 510-610km 40 500 1200
Ting 610-710km 60 500 1000
Blurk 710-810km 125 600 2250
Necro 810-1020km 200 600 1500

Moon Monsters (in order)[]

Name Depth range Base ATK Base HP Speed
Purpa 1032-1050 km 250 760 2200
Blurb 1040-1080 km 275 1500 2200
Blinky 1080-1140 km 300 1500 2200
Bulda 1140-1190 km 325 2000 2500
Whacko 1190-1300 km 350 2000 1300
Godu 1280-1380 km 375 3000 1500
Woobla 1380-1480 km 600 1500 1000
Wormer 1480-1590 km 650 1700 1000
Wooblo 1580-1680km 675 1800 1500
Sploog 1680-1800 km 750 2000 1500

Titan Monsters (in order)[]

Name Depth range Base ATK Base HP Speed
Razors 1810-1900 km 750 2500 1250
Wriggleys 1900-2000 km 775 2500 1250


A player can encounter several bosses on their way down. Bosses are like common monsters except:

  • They have specific spawns and can only be defeated once, when the player reaches their levels.
  • Every boss blocks the progress of the drill until they are defeated. Miners still work and farm minerals and isotopes. You can try to defeat a boss as many times as you want until you pass it.
  • Bosses' stats are fixed (no multiplier).

The first boss, Imp Underlord, shows up at 400km depth. After this, there is a boss every 100 km. On the moon they appear from floor 1032 (W2-100km) onwards, every 100 km.

The third boss can be found in 600km depth and is needed to finish the 21st Quest.

Name Depth ATK HP Speed
Imp Underlord 400 30 300 1000
The Unnamed 500 45 780 2000
Immortal Warlock 600 55 900 2000
Demon Beast 700 65 950 2500
Ancient Wizard 800 105 1300 3000
Radioactive Butcher 900 150 1500 3000
The Infected 1132km - W2-100 200 2500 2500
The Infector 1232km - W2-200 300 3500 2700
Zorgax - 036 1332km - W2-300 375 4000 2800
Ancient Defender 1432km - W2-400 500 8000 4000
Squido 1532km - W2-500 500 9000 3000
Lunarios 1632km - W2-600 500 7000 2000
Bargo 1732km - W2-700 600 10000 3000
Angler 1914km - W3-100 800 5000 1500
Imp underlord 400km

First boss at 400km