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Metal Detector has a 3% chance to be obtained from Golden Chest if you are between levels 1-250 and a 6% chance above level 250. It has a 1% chance of spawning from a normal treasure chest once you have reached level 250.

you now buy it in the structures in the crafting center

Metal Detector will blink when it detects a chest.

Level 1

Level 1 upgrade: Blinks when a chest is detected

cost to make 1 builder material, 5,000 coltan

Level 2

Level 2 upgrade: Displays chest locations on scrollbar. Displays Gold chest expiration time.

cost to upgrade 4 builder material, 20,000 painite, 1,000 black opal

Level 3

Level 3 upgrade: Displays chests and gold chest locations on scrollbar. Displays Gold chest expiration time and location.

cost to upgrade 10 builder material, 10,000 red diamond

Level 4

Level 4 upgrade: let's you jump to the Km a chest, battle or mineral deposit(and the orange fish) with a press of the space bar

cost to upgrade 50 builder material, 10,000 blue Obsidian, 100 polonium 2

Level 5

Level 5 upgrade: lets you click anywhere on the Km a chest is on to collect it

Flickers icons on the scrollbar when they are close to expiring. (2 minutes or less)

shows the orange fish on the scrollbar(same visual as mineral deposits)

cost to upgrade 250 builder material, 1,000,000 californium, 75 polonium 3

level 6

let's you send all the chests that are in the mine into the chest collector

cost to upgrade 8,000 builder material, 10,000,000 lithium,1,000,000 Hydrogen¹

Metal Detector (lvl 1)

Metal Detector notifying about Golden chest in news feed. (outdated)

Metal Detector lvl2.png