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You now craft it in the structures in the craft center

Level Level Up Cost Description
Detector1.png 1 1 Building Material, 5,000 Coltan Helps find chests within the mine. Blinks when a chest is detected
Detector2.png 2 4 Building Material, 20,000 Painite, 1,000 Black Opal Displays chest locations on scrollbar. Displays Gold chest expiration time.
Detector3.png 3 20 Building Material, 10,000 Red Diamond Displays chests and gold chest locations on scrollbar. Displays Gold chest expiration time and location.
Detector4.png 4 100 Building Material, 100,000 Californium, 100 Polonium 2 Pressing spacebar will jump to the top most chest, battle or mineral deposit and the orange fish with a press of the space bar
Detector4.png 5 500 Building Material, 1,000,000 Californium, 10 Einsteinium 1 Clicking anywhere on a level will open any chest on that level.
Detector4.png 6 8,000 Building Material, 10,000,000 Lithium, 1,000,000 Hydrogen 1 Natural chest spawns can be sent to the chest collector.

Metal Detector (lvl 1)

Metal Detector lvl2.png

In older version: Metal Detector has a 3% chance to be obtained from Golden Chest if you are between levels 1-250 and a 6% chance above level 250. It has a 1% chance of spawning from a normal treasure chest once you have reached level 250.