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The Golem is the owner of a shop with blueprints. He will be unlocked at 50 kilometers. To interact with the golem, the player has to press on the crack in the wall at the mineshaft 50km down as seen on figure 1. All the recipes can be vied at the craft center.

Golem Crack.png
Figure 1. Crack in the wall that can be pressed to interact with the golem.


The Golem Shop

Figure 2. The Golem Shop menu icon.
Recipe Shop's Price $ Crafting Materials
Basic Nuclear Engine 10M  10M $

50k Coal

300 U1

Spike Drill 20M 20M $

10k Diamond

50k Platinum

Multi Partitioned Fan 25M 25M $

100k Silver

100k Gold

Large Cargo 20M 20M $

50k Diamond

Intermediate Nuclear Engine 150M 150M $

100k Coal

100k Copper

200 U1

Barbaric Drill 200M 200M $

150k Platinum

100k Coltan

Heat Pump 300M  300M $

250k Gold

50k Diamond

Huge Cargo 300M  300M $

600 U1

500 Painite

Advanced Nuclear Engine 1.5B  1.5B $

500k Coal

500 U1

50 U2


Monster Drill 1.75B 1.75B $

100k Diamond

100 Pu1

Segmented Heat Pump 1.35B 1.35B $

150k Platinum

1k Painite

10k Coltan

Giant Cargo 3.5 B 3.5 B $

10k Black Opal

250 Po1

Fission Engine 10B 10B $

3k U1

1.5k Pu1

500 Po1

Sifting Drill 8B 8B $

1.5k Diamond

150k Painite

Hydrogen Coolant System  8B 8B $

100k Coltan

100k Black Opal

30k Red Diamond

Enormous Cargo 20B 6B $

30k Red Diamond

500 Po1

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