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This page will have hopefully all the questions new player and more experience ones have.

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1. When do I get other upgrades after golem?

At 225km the Broken Robot.(all the blueprints and how to get them here)

2. Where should I spend tickets?

Mostly refreshing/extending trades and refreshing scientists' missions

3. From where can I get building materials?

Chests, caves, scientists’ missions and some from achievements.

4. How can I make money faster/faster progress?

There is no easy way to be faster in Mr. Mine, although certain relics help.(relics page here)

5. From where do I get oil?

After reaching a milestone at 301km.

6. Just got 0 oil from a chest, is this a bug?

The chest reward gives you an hour worth of oil made and gets rounded down, so having an Oil Rig at level 0 with hourly production below 1 oil causes this.

7. What is the core used for?

The core is used to sacrifice minerals, relics and scientists.  
  Material Sacrificing: Throwing in any earth materials will either give you “nothing happens” or around the same value of another earth material, value can be slightly higher or lower to add some variance.   
  Relic Sacrificing(50% success rate): Throwing in any relic will either give you “nothing happens” or sometimes it can give you another relic back. The relics returned are based on what is thrown in for example endless miner speed potions can give you back endless drill speed potions, endless scientist speed potions, endless gem speed potions and a few others.  
  Scientist Sacrificing(25% success rate): Throwing in any scientist will either give you “nothing happens” or sometimes it can give you another scientist back from lower to  higher rarity.

8. What does the Book of Secrets(BoS) do?

Books of Secrets are used to upgrade relics and scientists at the Core (501km). One Book of Secrets will turn the Core blue (corrupted). If another Book of Secrets is sacrificed while the Core is blue, you'll get a Book of Secrets+ that can be used to turn the core white (blessed). The blue Core changes a relic or scientist's rarity to Warped. The white Core changes a relic's rarity to Divine and scientists to Warped. There is no divine rarity for scientists. Success chance for relics is 50%. The success chance for scientists is 25%. If an attempt fails, the relic or scientist is lost. The Core returns to normal after one success.

9. Why is the game significantly slower after the core? Am I missing something?

The progress gets a lot slower at later earth and onwards, make sure you have maxed your drill, maybe switch some relics and be patient, Mr. Mine is an idle game after all. 

10. Are there any shortcuts?

All the shortcuts are listed here

11. Scientists have more chances to die the more they level up?

NO. Depending on the rarity scientists have a reduced death chance but levels don’t affect it in any way. Levels however affect the duration of the excavations and the timelapses from them. Also nightmare difficulty excavations are able to appear at the left side after the specific scientist reaches level 30.

12. Where is the whacko/chest compressor/orange fish?

All these are explained at the Achievements page.

13. I joined the discord and it doesn’t give me the achievement?

The discord one HELP MRMINE GROW specifically isn't even a quest on Steam, it's only available on the web version. Also the SHARE MRMINE WITH A FRIEND is a non steam achievement as well.

14. My shift seems to somehow got stuck and now the chests are opened without animation?

Holding shift and pressing the windows/power key and clicking back into the game not holding shift will have the same effects as pressing the shift key manually.

15. My scientist died but he was miraculously resurrected but I don't have any scythes?

The game does a RNG roll between from 1 to 100, meaning that every time the "bury" button is clicked there is a 1% of the scientist not getting buried.

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