Mr. Mine Wiki

New Feature in Mr.Mine in v0.21 is Cave.


There are some observations:

  • Cave is located on 45km, key shortcut is K
  • First drone is just carrier/multipurpose drone. Upgraded has cargo for 5 items
  • Second drone pulls items one node further from start to itself. Cannot carry any items
  • Third drone is aerial, lava doesn't damage it and it's not stopped by boulders or mud. Has slightly greater speed but four times bigger fuel consumption with twice bigger fuel cap. Upgraded has cargo for 3 items. Can explore 2 nodes away
  • If drone cargo is full, it continues to desired target
  • Health regen restores 10HP and another 10HP for each 10 nodes from start (so e.g. health on 21. node restores 30HP)
  • Health regen is treasure, to be used, drone must have storage capacity and must to pick up it (so noone else is using it atm) and then drops it, magbot uses it only when pulls it even if doesn't have cargo
  • If drone dies (fuel/lava/radiation), all loot is dropped to last visited node
  • If there is loot on lava/radiation, you rather pull it with magbot. If it's lava, you can use air drone
  • Loot quality is based on distance from start and path difficulty (any obstacles improves difficulty)
  • There is no bonus for cleanup, so take what you want and ignore rest if you don't like to micro stuff