Blueprints are schemes used to craft upgrades for the Drill. They are available in the Drill Center, Golem's Shop, and the Broken Robot. You can also find them in Treasure chests.

Blueprints in the Drill Center

Blueprints in the Broken Robot

Blueprints available in the Drill Center

Blueprint Price
Steam Engine $200
Copper Drill $500
Double Fan $750
Nano Cargo $1,500
2 Cylinder Engine $5,000
Silver Drill $6,500
Triple Fan $10,000
Micro Cargo $20,000
4 Cylinder Engine $80,00
Platinum Drill $100,000
Quad Fan $200,000
Small Cargo $350,000
6 Cylinder Engine $1,000,000
TriPlatinum Drill $1,000,000
Partitioned Fan $2,000,000
Decent Cargo $3,500,000

Blueprints available at 50km in the Golem's Shop

Recipe Price
Basic Nuclear Engine $15,000,000
Spike Drill $20,000,000
Multi Partitioned Fan $25,000,000
Large Cargo $20,000,000
Intermediate Nuclear Engine $150,000,000
Barbaric Drill $200,000,000
Heat Pump $300,000,000
Huge Cargo $300,000,000
Advanced Nuclear Engine $3.0 billion
Monster Drill $3.5 billion
Segmented Heat Pump $2,7 billion
Giant Cargo $3.5 billion
Fission Engine $20 billion
Sifting Drill $20 billion
Hydrogen Coolant System $20 billion
Enormous Cargo $20 billion

Blueprints obtainable only through the Broken Robot at 225km

Recipe Price
Drill King Engine $150 billion
Drill Smasher $150 billion
Bihydrogen Coolant System $100 billion
Extreme Industrial Cargo $200 billion
Drill Lord Engine $500 billion
Demon Smasher Drill $300 billion
Trihydrogen Coolant System $150 billion
Gold King Cargo $600 billion
Seismic Resonance Engine $1.1 trillion
Lava Drill $1.1 trillion
Liquid Nitrogen Fan $200 billion
City Capacity $200 billion
Gravity Engine $2.5 trillion
Gravity Drill $2.5 trillion
Pressure Cooled Fan $3 trillion
Country Capacity $3 trillion

Blueprints obtainable only through Treasure Chests

Core Reactor Engine
Irradiated Drill
9M PSI Pressure Fan
Planet Capacity
Pressurized Reactor Engine
Enhanced Irradiated Drill
Liquid Neon Coolant System
Robo Anthropomorphic Engine
Dual Mantle Destoryer Drill
Helium Coolant System
Rocket Engine
Temperature Hardened Drill
Vacuum Chilled Coolant System
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