Mr. Mine Wiki


Every month, the Mr. Mine blog puts out a new code for players to use in their game. For convenience, it is also listed on this page, as well as any additional codes that are released on the Discord, although these are much less common.

Please find below any current codes, including their source and known expiration date. Unfortunately, codes are only available for players on PC (not including coolmathgames) and Android, and are not redeemable on iOS. This is due to Apple's policies and regulations.

Fun fact: you can tell what the code will give by looking at the end of it (1G = 1 gold chest, 10T = 10 tickets, etc.).

Active code (and known expiry date)[]

A75A2EB4DEC1G - Mr. Mine Blog (expires August 14th). Gives 1 gold chest!  :)